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WHEN: Fridays @7pm (NZ time)

WHERE: Facebook

Join me (Liz) from Book Art Studios for arty demonstrations, guests from all sorts of arty/creative fields for a chat, a glass of wine (BYO!) or coffee depending on where in the world you are. 

We are a creative community of respectful, kind arty people who enjoy using a digital platform to come together and well, chat! 

Broadcasts are LIVE so you can join in the chat in the comments :-)

What is Book Art Studios TV?

This is a scanned copy of one of my notebooks: Sometimes and is available to download and use FOR FREE however you'd like to use it. Liz Book Art Studios June 2020.


You can enjoy watching some past episodes here.


July 2nd 

Tonight I'll be chatting with Claudia from adiandbert who I met on Instagram. I'm really drawn to her gorgeous artwork that's playful, delightful and very much driven by nature. Take a peek at her instagram account as it's such a delight and if you have any questions, you'll get the chance to ask them tonight!

See you tonight in the usual place! @7pm 

June 26th 

Wow! A new season! I've missed out Friday night catch ups! 

This week I'd like to just touch base, chat, say hi, find out what you've been up to.

I'll fill you in on what's going on at Book Art Studios and show you my latest range of books. 

Get the wine chilling and I'll see you Friday night at 7pm! 


FEBRUARY 7th - May 15th)


May 15th

The last in this season before a well earned break! 

It's been an interesting season to say the least, with me realising towards the end of it just how much I value the company of my guests! This week I'm beaming in my Aunty Marge from her living room in the UK. I asked her if she had any creative talents and she said "drinking" so I think we'll be in good company! Although, at 8am in the morning UK time the "drinking" will be a cup of tea (unless she really wasn't joking!). My Aunty Marge is one of the funniest people I know and I'm sure between the two of us, we'll 

keep you entertained.

P.S She's the one in the photograph holding the baby. 

Join us Friday night @7pm

May 8th

My guest this week is going to be beamed in by some jiggery pokery manner, using the old NZ number 8 fencing wire "let's make this happen" mentality. It's time to start thinking ahead and having some FUN FUN FUN to look forward to! So I'm going to be chatting to my co-tutor who will be joining us at Book Camp this year! Jo Constable from The Design Space is one of the most geeky creatives I know. I'll be chatting with Jo about how she'll be sharing her extensive knowledge of printmaking at Book Camp this year, and the adventures we'll be getting up to! 

Join us Friday night @7pm 

May 1st

POPUP book art exhibition! 

After the wildly successful POPUP Book Art Exhibition* entitled: Look, but don't touch,that takes place at the top of my driveway each Sunday, I thought I'd have a virtual one. Let me showcase some of my books in creative and arty ways, using some of my favourite furniture to display the books. 

*ok, so that's pushing it. A few neighbours waved, and one kid shouted: "Look mum! It's a garage sale!"

I look forward to your wonderful company on the first day of a new month! @7pm 

April 24th

Dear Elizabeth,

In this artistic agony aunt session, Liz will be answering your creative woes and guiding you back on track.

In the true tradition of agony aunts, it may not make much sense, send you off down a rabbit hole or quite possibly, leave you feeling more confused than you were before you penned a question. 

Having said that, questions can be emailed here and signed "anonymous" (if you do not wish your identity to be made public) for reasons that will no doubt become obvious once the question is read aloud. 

I'll see you in the usual place at 7pm

April 17th

A change of pace from the frantic easter egg hunt of last week!

I'll be creating some artcare packages to make available to my local community when it's deemed appropriate. I invite you to join me, create with me, or just drink wine and watch! 

This week I'll be asking for a donation in the form of a testimonial, a google review, a book review - anything you fancy (I'll explain on the show), ONLY if you fancy it. 

If you want to join in this is what I'll be using:

  1. Dyed paper for the crosses (you can use any paper you have in)

  2. Dress pattern paper to wrap the art care packages

  3. Lots of scraps/collage bits from my studio

  4. Paper to make mini books that will measure (55mm x 75mm) when folded.

  5. So the paper you'll start with will be: 105mm x 75mm

  6. Rubber stamps to decorate the covers

  7. Thread/needle/awl (or some kind of pointy thing to make holes)

  8. Piece of paper to create template for holes 55mm X 75mm

I look forward to creating mischief oops I mean artcare packages with you tonight @7pm!

April 10th 

The Easter Bunny called and asked if she could outsource an Easter Egg hunt with a difference, so I'm rising up and doing my bit.

What can you do? Be like a girl scout and come prepared for ANYTHING! Come on a virtual adventure with me in my studio as we go hunting for clues which may or may not lead us down a few rabbit holes!

BYO wine.

Rabbit ears, optional.

I'll see you here at 7pm (NZ time).

April 3rd

Let's create an ideas washing line

After our group chat last week the general feeling was to keep with facebook and ah bless, stick with just me for the time being (be careful what you wish for is all I can say to that).

If you'd like to join in this interactive episode this is what you'll need:




20 SHEETS OF PAPER 75 X 15 mm




You can of course just watch and create the ideas washing line afterwards. I know some of you have done this with me in a class but it doesn't hurt to do it again and make it more current. 

I'll see you on Friday at 7pm in which I'm confident I will have reacquainted myself with proper clothes, underwear and (let's push the boat out) some makeup. 

*JUST joking about this one, anyone who grew up watching Blue Peter will have a little giggle about this. And if you want to see it in action go here and watch iconic Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singelton, demonstrate just how useful it can be (I'm still laughing writing this after watching the clip, and yet strangely full of Christmas ideas for my mother and aunts). 

P.S I turned this into a blog which you can read here if you like!

March 27th

And so our hibernation period begins. Let's chat about how we're going to manage our weekly catch ups. Do we change platforms and go to Instagram where I can invite guests to join me remotely?? Or stick to facebook live which effectively means, you'll be stuck with me!! 

Let's find out Friday at 7pm

March 20th

My guest tomorrow night is part of an original inventive and entertaining ukulele trio. Dave Parker is the lead singer of The Nukes, Aotearoa’s/NZ’s most beloved and enduring trio. 

This is just one of the reviews I found about this iconic band:

“The Nukes blew the audiences’ socks off with the combination of humour, fantastic song-writing, great musicianship and singing.”


I'll be chatting with Dave to find out what makes their band so popular with audiences,  what makes his ukulele so unique and the story behind this quirky, original and very kiwi band. 

Friday night @7pm.

March 13th

Nothing scary or spooky about my guest tomorrow night on Friday 13th! I'll be chatting with Tina from

The Still Room. Tina creates freshly made skin products to nourish your skin in the purest of ways. She knows exactly what goes into her products because she makes them all herself! I love her passion around food, natural products and how she strives to provide her clients with ethical and clean cosmetic options.  I met Tina at a market a couple of years ago and she's been on my radar to interview since then! I'm super excited I've finally been able to make this happen.

We look forward to you joining us live Friday night @7pm.

March 6th

The only problem I can anticipate for my interview tomorrow night, is not having enough time! Judi Clements, of Crone Jewellery is a fascinating woman to spend time talking to. Her work is breathtaking, unique and very magical. Judi is inspired by the power and magic of nature, the circles of life, the beauty of bone, the mystery of feathers, the treasure of the sea. There's no doubt this is reflected in her stunning work.

February 28th

Let's talk how creatives manage their numerous projects. You know how you end up with multiple tabs open on your device?? That's what the inside of my head looks like and at night I have to shut each 'tab' down! Share your top tips for managing the inside of your creative head and I'll share mine!! OH and I'll show you my latest creations I've made to house books and birds!!!! 

Join me on Friday night at 7pm to find out! 

February 21st

I'm thrilled to be chatting with Patrick tonight and finding out more about what he does. With a background in Education, Patrick has been a School Principal, Dean of Education at a teachers training college and general manager for a business college. He's now the owner of two successful creative businesses and a huge musical enthusiast. Inspired by Craig Smith's book, The Wonky Donkey, Patrick wrote his first book, The Vegetarian Leopard. Patrick will chat about his sing-a-long book, his love for music and well, who knows what else!

Join us on Friday night at 7pm to find out! 

February 14th

Well, what are we to do that this weeks episode has landed on Valentines Day?! 

If my printer was working I'd print off a suitable male guest!

However, as it isn't I'm going to do a demo instead.

Let me show you my three top tips for adding text to a journal. 

AND......tra-laa if you commented on last weeks show then you're in the draw to win a copy of WHERE women create. 

AND.....I'll be opening BOOK CAMP NEW ZEALAND!!

So be sure to tune in.

It'll be much more fun than having dinner out and making small talk....just saying! 

7pm here. 

February 7th

Do you have an art emergency?

Are you stuck with a piece of work?

Not feeling motivated?

Whatever you need help with, contact me and let me know.

I'll do my best to answer your questions tomorrow night.





If I have more than 6 art emergencies I'll do a wonderful competition! 



October 18th - December 20th

December 20th

With no disrespect to all my lovely guests this year, I really have saved the best till last! My gorgeous, creative, talented, funny, clever girl is home for Christmas. Some of you met her when I interviewed her in Manchester last year. Since that interview, Galar has gone on to work at Stella McCartney where she met some fabulous people and got a first hand look inside a fashion empire. She's just started working at Christopher Kane who has established his name in the industry by his wickedly original ideas and designs. I'll be chatting with Galar about her creative adventures and through her, we we might just get a glimpse behind the fashion curtain and find out just what it's like to work in such a competitive but exciting industry. 



December 13th

Let's have an interactive chat session this week about typewriters (bring your best tip and share it with others). I'll also do a show and tell and introduce you to three new books created at Book Camp! I'll also be giving away some goodies! So be sure to tune in at 7pm on Friday night. 

December 6th

I love catching up with past guests and seeing what they've been up to! I first interviewed David Minty from Minty Books almost this time last year. I'm really excited to find out about his next book:

What's in the box? due to be released January 2020. David's a great inspiration for people who don't think they have time to write a book. As a busy working husband and father, David still manages to produce fabulous books for children.

We'd love to have your company at 7pm tonight! 

November 29th

I haven't been fortunate enough to witness the work of Beach Tagger, Dave Hilliam in situ. But I have seen the photographs. His work takes my breath away. I'm really keen to talk to an artist who creates temporary art. This is a concept very new to me and I can imagine, to most of you too. 

Take a look at his extraordinary work on Instagram: @beachtagger and prepare to be blown away. 

Join us live at 7pm! 

November 22nd

Oh my, I'm so excited to be catching up with musician, publisher, songwriter, author Chris Sanders from Angel Star Publishing. I interviewed Chris almost this time last year and since then he's been very busy working on a new project that's hit the ground running. Chris will introduce us to The Lonely Book and chat about just who he's been collaborating with since we last saw him.

See you live at 7pm!

November 15th

Originally from Argentina, Julia Marlin is a jeweller, designer and maker. I was lucky enough to visit her tree top studio in Piha during Open Studios. It was well worth the climb up her never ending stairs! to reach a glimpse of her exquisite collection. If you're looking for a custom made piece of jewellery then find out more about how this works when I chat with Julia on Friday night. 

See you at 7pm! 

November 8th

My guest tonight is a mystery guest! All I can tell you is they are creative in many ways, they are an Internationally Published Author and very driven. They've asked me to encourage the audience to get involved and ask questions. They'd like it to be as interactive as possible. 

See you at 7pm! 

November 1st

We go into a new month with an extraordinary guest, who says on the home page of his website: 

Shit happens, so what!

Tune in to listen to Grant Sharma Mouth Painting Artist tell us his story. Hear first hand how he emerged from a life changing event at fifteen and a half and how art came into his life. I've spoken with Grant on the phone a couple of times to arrange our interview, I suggest you grab refreshments before 7pm and get yourself settled as this guest likes to chat as much as I do!!!! 

Friday night 7pm - see you there! 

October 25th

Join me tomorrow night for a spooky episode as I share with you one of my favourite tips for using rubber stamps. And, if you're good (or bad given the theme is SPOOKY),I'll let you know where I've hidden a PDF. You can download it, then happily use it in your own art practice. I'd love to know what your stamping tips are too, so be sure to join in the chat, grab a glass of wine, heck, you don't even need to put a bra on! You can watch the goings on in the comfort of your own living room. Best way to spend a Friday wouldn't you agree?! 

Friday night 7pm - see you there! 

October 18th

We open Season four, with a lovely community spirited woman, based in the heart of Titirangi Village. Sammy is the manager and curator of The Upstairs Gallery. This fantastic community art gallery is based (upstairs in case you hadn't guessed) in Titirangi's iconic and historic building, Lopdell House. Sammy's passion is making art accessible to everyone. Anyone who knows Sammy will tell you just how community focussed she is, certainly the exhibitions she's been involved in reflect this. In her own art practice photography has always been, and will always be her first love, 

Join us live Friday night at 7pm from The Upstairs Gallery as we welcome in a new season of Book Art Studios TV.  


July 26th - September 27th

September 27th

Cristina Beth Art and myself do a show and tell of works we will be selling in our Popup shop at Ponsonby Central. You'll find us in the shop from the 30th September to 6th October when we close at 4pm. If you're around on Thursday 3rd October we'll be open late until 7pm. And if you happen to come between 5-7pm then join us for a little wee tipple! 

September 20th

Live from Queenscliff, Australia! I'll be interviewing one of the lovely Aussie ladies who attended my class. The lovely Christine from Margie & Bert will chat about being a student, being a tutor and all things arty. I'll probably just drink wine and not be able to move from the spot after an intense but OH so much fun week of teaching with a fabulous group of women!! 

September 6th

My guest tomorrow night is someone who I met years ago through a networking group I started up for people who worked from home. Gina is one of the most hardworking, clever business people I know. She's an artist, one of trademe's top sellers and as sharp as a whip! 

Tonight we'll chat about selling online, leaving her homeland of Germany when she was just a young girl with limited English and how she ended up living and working in West Auckland.  

You know where to find us at 7pm! 

August 30th

It's time for a demonstration, a competition and an updated tour of my studio. I love to use dress pattern paper on and in my books. I never tire of this fabulous resource. So tonight, I'll show you how I use it with my printer and then I'll attach it to a book cover. Well, that's the plan.

Watch live and join in "Spot the Number" game on the studio tour.

Have your glasses and your wine handy for this interactive episode of Book Art Studios TV.

TONIGHT @ 7pm.

August 23rd

Batten down the hatches as Book Art Studios TV heads for the windy capital of New Zealand. I'll be in Wellington running a dyed and gone to heaven class,so I thought I'd take the opportunity to interview an arty local while I'm in the hood! I'm so lucky to have been able to gain an audience with Sam from the popular Sams art house. This lovely lady is a dynamic artist and business woman. Sam started up art classes after her boys invited their friends to come and join in the arty fun in their home. I won't say too much as it's always much more fun (and authentic) to hear the story directly from the storyteller! 

We look forward to you joining us tomorrow night at 7pm. 

August 16th

My guest tomorrow night is one half of the Getting Lost duo. I'm super excited to hear the story behind this fantastic game designed to help you get lost! I'll be chatting with Cat about how travel blogging lead to building a unique product, living a part time life and blended families! 

We look forward to you joining us tomorrow night at 7pm. 

August 9th

My guest this week is Tony Murrow, Director of Little Island Press. Tony has worked in digital and print publishing for over 30 years, 25 years of that in community publishing. He’s passionate about Pacific Island communities and likens them to endangered species – once lost they are impossible to recover – but the world needs diversity! He enjoys connecting people and communities through books. Providing a way for them to retain and share their culture and language. I personally am very grateful to Tony (and Amy) from Little Island Press for their support and encouragement. They are the publishers behind DIY Notebooks made easy. 

We look forward to you joining us tomorrow at 7pm. 

August 2nd

My guest this week is Linda Wills who has attended some of my classes over the years. I still recall a book she made in a class I ran in Warkworth. It was one of the most outstanding books I've ever seen. Linda is a very talented watercolour artist. She creates the most lifelike paintings that simply take your breath away. Linda is currently involved in some exciting projects that we'll chat about on Friday. You know the time and the place, but just in case you don't: Facebook 7pm.

July 26th

And we're back!! I'm going to kick this season off by talking about the highs and lows of running a

creative business. I've run three very different businesses over a 30 year period. Book Art Studios evolved from a hobby into a business around 12 years ago. I'm not going to pretend it's been plain sailing, it's not. It's been one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life and I've had some challenges let me tell you!! This is what I've learnt based on trail and error. I'd love this to be an interactive session. So let me know if you have any questions before hand or join in tonight. 

Facebook 7pm.







May 10th - June 28th

May 10th

My guest is Sandra Waine Printmaker.

You've met her before, but do you realise how amazing she is?

Her work and expertise is simply exquisite, not to mention she's a really lovely person!

Sandra and I will be teaming up to run another joint class on May 18th,

so we thought you'd enjoy a little sneak preview of just what we'll be getting up to on our 

stamping & journalling class. We'd love to have your company via facebook live at 7pm (NZ time).

May 17th

If you like all things woolly, you're going to love my guest this Friday. 

I'll be having a good yarn with Julie from Wool on Wheels. She's got a great

story to tell, so grab your knitting, a glass of your favourite beverage, light the fire

and join us at 7pm Friday via facebook live


May 24th

This week my guest is someone who's become my right hand woman at book camp! She proved her weight in gold last year by ensuring that things ran smoothly at book camp. 

Meet: CATH otherwise known as CAMP MOTHER! 

Rather than take my word for it, here's your chance to find out more about why book camp is a fantastic

creative get-a-way. AND if you're lucky, you might just get to see what Cath made last year.

You won't be disappointed.

If you have any questions about book camp, this is your opportunity to ask! 

Join us 7pm Friday. 

May 31st

This Friday, I interview a very, very special guest. The woman who started the ball rolling

on my booky adventures! I recall the morning I met Ailie Snow at a business woman's breakfast. 

She pulled a few of her books out of her bag and it was love at first sight. Her work was breathtaking. 

I've watched in awe over the years as Ailie has created the most extraordinary and outstanding works

of art. This is a not to be missed episode. 

Join us 7pm Friday. 

June 7th

My guest this week is a first time author and has letters after her name! Sharon Davies, QSM known fondly as Shaz, has recently written a book about her life entitled; Little and Loud. And considering she wasn't predicted to live very long, what a life it's been so far!  What this woman can fit into a day is astonishing. Full of energy, funny, passionate about community, the rights of people with disabilities and a fellow sav drinker, I can guarantee this episode will be lively to say the least!!!! 

Look forward to seeing you at 7pm Friday

June 14th

I'm thrilled to be interviewing contemporary artist & art restorer, Cristina Beth tomorrow night.

Cristina was in her forties when she decided to seek formal qualifications for her artistic practice.

So she spent the next six years in full time study and achieved: a Certificate of Visual Art,

from Rutherford High School and a BFA(HONS) and MFA(HONS) from Elam at Auckland University [2009]. Creator of the Peace Poppy Project, Cristina's work is fresh, inspiring and highly sort after.

I can't wait to show you her latest work. Live from her studio Friday @7pm. 

June 21st

DEMO time! Oh it's simply been ages! I've been so busy interviewing my fantastic guests my demo's have been put to the side. But not tomorrow night. Remember the demo in which we talked about turning unwanted canvas art into stunning book covers? If you missed it you can go here to watch it. Well, tomorrow night we'll chat about how you can turn a children's board book into unique work of art. I'll also do a show and tell of my new shop! Ok, don't get too excited it's actually three shelves in the corner of my studio, but wait until you see what I've done. If you can't wait you can have a peek here at my blog

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night live from Book Art Studios at 7pm.



June 28th

My last guest for season two is first time children's author David Minty. Find out the story behind the story as to how My New Red Car came into being, and more importantly, where you can buy a copy! This dad really did his research and not only had help from his young family, but from some pretty amazing authors too. We hope you'll join us at 7pm on Friday via facebook to learn more about David and his writing journey, so far.....



February 1st - April 19th

February 1st

Book Camp Opens! 

Guest: Jenny Tomlin Pinhole Artist

Liz & Jenny chatted about joining forces for this years Book Camp!

February 8th

Liz Demonstrates how to bind a journal using one of her kits as an example.

And a lucky viewer got to win one! 

February 15th

The day after Valentine worked perfectly for Liz to interview Jenny Jeffries

a romance writer, artist, illustrator about her adventures with Outlander

February 21st

Michelle Sokolich from Show & Tell

Liz interviews Michelle and will be asking her about her new online course

Easy Smartphone Video.

March 1st

Natasha McDowall from Tael Solutions 

I've found the Holy Grail of accountants. 

I feel like finally, I've found an accountant who gets me. Most likely because

Natasha is arty herself.

March 8th

The books I made for Mondays with Sh.elf caused a bit of a ripple through our

arty community. So tonight, I'll be chatting about turning that unloved canvas

painting into a stunning book cover. WAIT - there's more (hahah) I've just learnt

how to do something in my online shop....find out tonight what it is and how

it can benefit you if you're poised ready to go shopping!! 

March 14th

I'm super duper excited about my guest tomorrow night. James Russell is the author of the Dragon Brothers Book Series. I first met James at an Indie book fair seminar where he was a guest speaker. I've followed

his series via my nephew Max who I buy a signed copy for each birthday and Christmas. And if you haven't heard of Augmented Reality - you'll know what it is by the end of the interview...prepare to be AMAZED! 


March 22nd 

It's our birthdays on Sunday! Mine - Book Art Studios - Sh.elf and Millie the Cat. I decided it was easier if we all have our birthdays on the same date then no one gets left out! Plus, it's more exciting to share. 

So this week on Book Art Studios TV we're having an interactive birthday game. If you'd like to join in simply turn up at 7pm NZ time with numbered pieces of paper from 1-54 (each number needs to be on a seperate piece of paper). That's it! There will be prizes to win too. Tell your friends, tell your family tell anyone who you think could do with a little bit of fun on a Friday night. 

March 28th

You've met my guest tomorrow night, but this time she'll take you through a magical process. Once again we'll visit Jenny Tomlin in her darkroom studio. This time, this incredible Pinhole Artist will take you through the steps of how to develop film from a pinhole camera to producing a negative. Watch this wondrous process take place right before your eyes!! 

April 4th

Not really quite ready for show & tell, but I can't wait to share my new studio look with you. Friday night I'll take you on a virtual tour of my new wooden palace. Bye bye breeze block, hello wood! I'll also show you the first project I completed at woodworking class. Yes! I've taken up a hobby. But wait, there's more! I want to see what you've been working on too. So let's make it a communal show & tell. Take a photo of a project you're working on or have just finished. I can't wait to see what you've been up to. See you Friday @7pm. 

April 12th

The Book Club! Let's talk favourite books! Let's share and tell each other about our favourite books and why. In this cluttered digital world there's so much noise, let's help each other to cut through it and find the best books around. Not only on book art/binding etc but some random inspirational ones too. 

See you Friday @ 7pm! 

April 19th

My final guest for this season (yes, we're doing seasons now!) is Jo from the design space gallery. We'll be chatting about her art adventure: Vinegar & Brown Paper. I'm super duper excited to be taking part in one, so I'll get some photos and promise to write a blog so you  can see what we got up to! 

MAY 3rd & 10th Book Art Studios TV will be taking a break for two weeks. This will give me time to rest up and find some new guests! I've already got two amazing people to chat to in season 2 who I think you'll really enjoy. If you know of any arty/crafty/talented/interesting people who would be keen to be interviewed (in Auckland) please let me know. And that includes YOU yourself! Don't be shy.

Contact me and let's chat.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Be Kind!