Did you miss me?

I needed to do my accounts. I needed to get my online shop ready to open and a bunch of other stuff. So I went away for the weekend and didn't even turn my computer on. Not once. I also had no internet connection so there you go. I couldn't have done it all even if I wanted to. I didn't. I took a stunning selfie on the way. I was amazed at my own creativity. I went to a place called the Coromandel. I have been going to a friends Bach (NZ holiday house) since my daughter was 3. Shes 26 now. And not much, I can happily report, has changed in that time. With the bach not the daughter. Anyone for tennis? Twenty minutes down the road (well up the hill to be precise), is the Colville Tennis Club.

Handmade at made in china prices?

I don't f*****g this so! I once worked at a local gift shop. It taught me A LOT of things. But the biggest AH-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! moment (it was a big ah-ha moment!) was this: Customers would come into the shop containing a mixture of handmade in New Zealand and made in China items. They would lift up a Chinese item and say (grumbling): Oh, made in China and put it down in disgust. Are you looking for something in particular? I would ask to which they would reply: Ërm yes, I want to send a gift, but I really want something that has been made in NZ. I want to support our economy" Oh how nice, I naively thought when I first started. My excitement at the locals wanting to support NZ Art