A recipe for success

We've all heard about the mechanic who drives the worst car, right? Well, for AGES I kept saying to myself, "I really must make myself a recipe book..." Finally - I did!! That's it. THE END. Ha ha ha ha. Well, I'm all for a quick read but really...we can do better than that. What I love about creating my own books is that I can put whatever I want on them - go by my own rules. Which is why I have an image of my tap shoes on the spine of the recipe book (a gesso transfer in case you're wondering). What I also love about my recipe books and those I create to sell are the blank pages without lines (I'm not a fan of lines). Which means you can stick your own recipes in or those handed down to y

Jemima's kitchen

When OH LA LA - last year I went off to teach in Australia, upon my return I drove past a very posh looking shipping container in Oratia (the suburb next to mine). I was intrigued by this new arrival that had sprung up in my absence and when I saw the name: Jemima's Kitchen - I couldn't wait for it to open to see what delights they'd be serving. I wasn't disappointed, this darling eatery serves the BEST burgers ever! If you don't believe me, simply try for yourself. They were so delicious that when a friends birthday was coming up in May last year I thought I'd gift her and her husband a burger each as a 'date night' birthday treat! . When I asked one of the lovely staff at Jemima's if they

Cheer me up postcards are back!

Ages and ages ago I created a cheer me up postcard service. I created quite a few for people to send to someone who, well, quite simply needed cheering up (for one reason or another). The added bonus was, I always felt happy and lifted after creating one for someone! The reason I've put these back in the shop is to celebrate friendship. And, to be honest I could do with cheering myself up as I've just waved off my old school friend, Cath, who just made her first visit from the UK to NZ. We have had an awesome three weeks together. As we first met at primary school, I was going to post a photo of us but mysteriously some of the boys faces have been scratched out! Ouch - the 7 year old me was