Don't shoot the messenger

A recent advert run by Sainsburys caused an outcry among artists. Ronnie and Claude (sounding suspiciously like Bonnie and Clyde!!) from the Camden branch had a brainstorming session in which they thought about ways to cheer up their work canteen. Enlisting the help of an artist (for free) was clearly the winner, given the advert they placed in a newspaper. For those of you who haven’t seen this advert go here to see why so many artists were upset. Personally, although not a Christian, I am of the ‘Let he who has never made a mistake, cast the first stone' brigade. I’d be very keen to do a survey of all the artists up in arms over this, asking them three simple questions: 1. Have you ever do

Junk and disorderly

Art adventures..... My sister Jo and I recently went on a bit of an art adventure which took us to junk and disorderly. If you haven't been to this extraordinary treasure trove then you're in for a treat! If you're in Auckland, New Zealand that is! There''s nothing more satisfying than rummaging through other people's rubbish!!' And rummage we did. I'm still curious to know whether the skeleton was real or not.... Fondling old stuff... Whenever i go to this shop to fondle the old stuff (read into that however you like) it reminds me of days gone by when life seemed slower, more steady and not so chaotic and speedy. It also reminds me of my dads workshop at Number 61 - the house where I grew