How over preparing can kill your creativity

I started to write this for my book camp ladies then decided to turn it into a blog post. WHY? Even though it's pertaining to the lead up to book camp, there are still some helpful tips around over preparing which in my experience, can actually end up working against you. What you can expect to learn at book camp The idea of book camp is to cut loose, experiment and develop your own art practices. If I give too much direction and information then you’ll naturally prepare based on those instructions. This means you come ‘prepared’. While there’s nothing wrong with that to a certain degree, the aim of camp is to encourage you into new areas of creating. Sometimes not knowing what you’re going

A Trip To The Cemetree

In a slightly random unplanned way, I recently ended up visiting our local cemetery twice in two weeks. The first time for an art adventure (I did say random) and the second time to collect pine cones. The light was beautiful, the finds delightful and the company on both occasions, utterly playful. The oddest of discoveries though was a tree with a wok in it. Yes, you read that correctly, a wok. It was quite high up in a tree, so someone had to have made quite an effort to get it up there. There was of course a shoe as well (there's always one shoe wherever I go!) and a pretend flower. I'm quite intrigued with the wok tree - is it an art installation? A random act of kindness? (to whom I'm n