Mondays with Sh.elf

For those of you who haven’t met Sh.elf he’s my lovely studio assistant whose main job is to help me showcase my work. He’s a rescue shelf found in the bathroom of my new home. So it's fair to say he started out being a little timid and rather unsure of himself. Hardly surprising, given he hadn't been looked after particularly well over the years. When I discovered he was destined for the tip during the renovation process, I could see his potential and what he had to offer so I stepped in. He’s mainly been in the background ever since we first met almost two years ago, but now after a recent staff appraisal, Sh.elf asked if he could step up and be in the foreground a little more. This is gre

Uncle Tom

There are many excellent reasons to return home to the UK - my favourite arty reason however, has to be going on art adventures with my Uncle Tom. This time was no different. We set off in his trusty old campervan, Uncle Tom assuring me of it's road worthiness due to a recent MOT test. I got more than an art trip to his studio based in Houldsworth Mill, Reddish, I also received a fascinating commentary through the streets of Manchester. I was surprised to realise how little I knew about the City of my birth. We arrived at the Mill, my uncle explaining how he'd nicknamed the area where his studio was housed: Desolation Row. The concept of the mill as a shared art space was excellent, the exec