What happens at book camp, stays at book camp. Kinda.

Book Camp 2018 PLEASE NOTE: the photos seemed to be causing a problem. I'm currently working on re-sizing to make them more web friendly! I’m inclined to let the pictures speak for themselves at the risk of using the infamous line; What happens at book camp, stays at book camp, because in a way, it does. Take a group of people in any situation, put them together in a room for a few days and it’s such a personal experience it’s a little hard to write about. In brief: We created three projects over four days Got fed delicious food Were challenged to grow our creative wings Played, played and played Laughed a lot Explored the gorgeous surroundings Experimented with ideas and concepts Made stuff

Two handmade quotes up for grabs

I create handmade quotes for my newsletters then gift them to my readers. Sometimes, they remain unclaimed I KNOW!!!!, how dare people NOT fully read my newsletters from top to bottom, what's the world coming to?! These two have been found in my cupboard from last year. I'd dearly love them to go to a new loving home (I'll post them anywhere in the world). So, if you haven't haven't won one yet - this is what you need to do..... Be one of the first two people to comment on this blog post. If you're the very first one, you get to choose which one you want, so be sure to tell me which one that is. GO!!!!! Good luck!!

What the Hell?

Now this is a story I really couldn't make up! About two years ago, I was at my sisters place in Wellington when I spotted the discarded packaging from their trip to Hell the night before. I was instantly intrigued with the branding and fell in love with the humour. Being the kind of person who sees the potential to create a book in everything, I was so excited about the thought of using the paper bag and pizza box. Upon my return to Auckland, I set about creating a notebook which I then sent to the man in charge of Hell, Callum Davies. He hated it (actually, he loved it) but we had a funny little interchange with a hellish sense of humour. At the time, he couldn't think of a use for them