Stamping + Journalling = Bliss

If not now, when? Just recently I’ve switched into “if not now, when?” mode and I’m going out of my way to make things happen that I’ve talked about for ages. Or, I’m dropping the idea and moving on. It feels, great! Stamping & Journalling Compliment Each Other So earlier in the year Sandra Waine and I ran the first Stamping and journalling class that we’d talked about doing for a couple of years now at least! It was an instant success and by the end of it, we knew we had a great class to offer students. I love how stamping and journalling feed into each other so creatively and smoothly by complimenting and extending each others medium. Sandra Waine - Printmaker Sandra’s a very experienced s

How to avoid a curated life, by Getting Lost.

I recently interviewed Cat from Getting Lost for Book Art Studios TV. During the interview, she said something in passing that rocked my world. It was without a doubt, a verbal wake up call. When talking about the Getting Lost game that Cat and her husband developed, she mentioned how curated our lives have become. BOOM. I understood in a heartbeat what she meant and quickly did a spot check of how much of a curated life I'm living and found this: When I'm writing, software picks up spelling mistakes and changes them. Google predicts my questions and I've never asked one that someone else hasn't asked before me. Google maps tells me where to go without having to consult a map. My smart phone