Book Camp 2018

PLEASE NOTE: the photos seemed to be causing a problem. I'm currently working on re-sizing to make them more web friendly! 

I’m inclined to let the pictures speak for themselves at the risk of using the infamous line; What happens at book camp, stays...

I create handmade quotes for my newsletters then gift them to my readers.

Sometimes, they remain unclaimed I KNOW!!!!, how dare people NOT fully read my newsletters from top to bottom, what's the world coming to?! 

These two have been found in my cupboard from last year....

Now this is a story I really couldn't make up! 

About two years ago, I was at my sisters place in Wellington when I spotted the discarded packaging from their trip to Hell the night before. 

I was instantly intrigued with the branding and fell in love with the...

A funny thing happened recently where I experienced a huge AH-HA moment.

In my kitchen.

With a jar of Pic's peanut butter as the trigger. 

I'll just back up a little. 

In August this year when I was visiting England, my daughter's friend Ben, made a delicious smoothie. I w...


My recent trip to the UK feels like it's slipped away now replaced with the busy-ness of regular life. So it's a bit of a treat to write this blog to recap the highlights. 

The main reason for going to Manchester was to celebrate my parents 65th...

For those of you who haven’t met Sh.elf he’s my lovely studio assistant whose main job is to help me showcase my work. He’s a rescue shelf found in the bathroom of my new home. So it's fair to say he started out being a little timid and rather unsure of himself. Hardly...

There are many excellent reasons to return home to the UK - my favourite arty reason however, has to be going on art adventures with my Uncle Tom. 

This time was no different. 

We set off in his trusty old campervan, Uncle Tom assuring me of it's road wort...


I'm beyond excited to be heading off to the UK very soon to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of the bestest parents in the world! Ok, so my sisters and I are biased! As it will be the first time in SIX years that all six sisters will be reunited with our...

I started to write this for my book camp ladies then decided to turn it into a blog post.


Even though it's pertaining to the lead up to book camp, there are still some helpful tips around over preparing which in my experience, can actually end up working against you...

In a slightly random unplanned way, I recently ended up visiting our local cemetery twice in two weeks. The first time for an art adventure (I did say random) and the second time to collect pine cones. 

The light was beautiful, the finds delightful and the company on bo...

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