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Here we go again! Book Camp NZ is officially open to take DEPOSITS.


Book Camp NZ is a four day live-in camp in which we create a range of book projects.


28th November - 2nd December 2021




Four nights single accommodation (sheets & towels provided)

Food (vegetarian and meat options)

Materials for the projects (Liz will chat in the zoom meeting about this as it’s a little different this year)

Liz’s undivided attention (officially from 9-4 each day)

Cleaning fees

Three 45 minute Zoom meetings - June | July | August (you’ll have to be booked in before then to get the full benefit of these)


Apart from one heck of a mess as usual. We’re creating: A World Of Books.

Campers can either order a custom made wooden shelf at an extra cost of $65 or make their own, source their own or use anything they like to house their book world.

We're going to fill our shelves with a range of books using a different styles of binding.Recycling old books and turning them into new ones.


Liz Constable is the founder of Book Art Studios and Book Camps here in New Zealand, Australia & Online. An experienced book artist, author and teacher, Liz’s warm and engaging teaching style is popular amongst her students. She’s mastered the art of stepping in when needed and butting out when her held is not required. She’s good with nervous creators and experienced artists allowing everyone to work at their own level, pace and comfort. .

Cath Polman ‐ Camp Mother

Cath, known fondly as Camp Mother, keeps Book Camp running smoothly. She’s Liz's right‐hand woman who ensures she gets the help and support required. We quite simply, would be lost without her support and help. Cath is an experienced artist herself and enjoys delving in deeply into the projects each year.

The Accommodation

Bella Rahka is nestled in forest like settings based in the heart of Oratia, West Auckland. Once you embark on the drive down the long and winding driveway, you find yourself breathing deeply and automatically slowing down.

Each camper enjoys a room to herself so there’s space to go off and have a nap or some timeout should the need arise.

There are two accomodation wings, each with a set of shared bathrooms.

There are plenty of places around the property to enjoy, a walk in the extensive gardens, reading quietly in the fully carpeted chapel or sitting outside in nature.

The Classroom

Our classroom is open 24/7. I KID YOU NOT! Seriously, if you want to create into the wee hours in your pj's GO for it. Night owls and early birds all enjoy coming into the classroom when it suits. I make sure any demonstrations happen when everyone is present.

It’s situated in the middle of the two accommodation wings and is a large light filled room that opens out onto an expansive veranda. We bring extra lighting to ensure night owls can work efficiently should they wish. But it is recommended you bring a battery operated desk light if you have one. They really do help if you’re working on intricate details or late at night.

We also create a reading nook/lounge area in the classroom so students can grab a coffee/cup of tea and enjoy some time out as they need it, but still feel part of camp. Alcohol is not included with the meals but campers who want to, bring along their favourite tipple to enjoy. Drinking wine in the evenings in the classroom whilst creating is a treat enjoyed by quite a few of our campers!

We can fit 15 students + Liz into the classroom and the tables are laid out to create an inclusive community feel. Campers enjoy sharing their ideas/knowledge/skills so it becomes a giant pool of creativity students can dip into and take delight from.

The Food OH the food!

We have our food freshly made each day by two local chefs ‐ the owners of Vevo Foodstore. Victoria and Elliot provide us with the most delicious meals and this is a highlight of camp. Not having to shop, think about what’s for dinner and cook for four days is a treat for most women! We provide two options, vegetarian and meat.

Gluten free and other dietary requirements can be met. Our chefs are incredibly accommodating.

The following meals are provided:

SUNDAY: Dinner

MONDAY: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

TUESDAY: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

WEDNESDAY: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

THURSDAY: Breakfast & lunch


A full list of what to bring will be sent out to campers once fees have been paid in full, if this is something you would prefer to know beforehand, please contact Liz.


Please read these carefully before considering booking your place at Book Camp 2021

Bookings and payment: A $300 deposit is required initially which is non‐refundable. The remainder of the camp fees ($1100) is required no later than September 30th 2021. Fees are in New Zealand Dollars.

Cancellations and refunds ‐ once a payment has been made in full there is a 7 day stand down period in which you may ask for a refund (only until October 14th 2021) after this period we cannot offer a refund. If payment has been made via PayPal the fees will be deducted and the remainder (less the $300 non refundable deposit) will be returned. There are no refunds offered after the 7 day stand down period, however, we will accept another student taking your place if you can arrange it. If Book Art Studios are unable to run Book Camp for unforeseen reasons, your camp fees (less deposit) will be returned in full or a new date will be arranged if the attendees are agreeable. Please note, Book Art Studios is not responsible for any travel costs.

Concerns or complaints ‐ please address any concerns or complaints to Liz Constable 021022 44684 or email:

Health, safety and medical conditions ‐ Book Art Studios is not liable for personal injury sustained or any lost, damaged or forgotten personal property, whilst on the premises of Bella Rahka. Book Art Studios aims to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury.

Contact Details ‐ Book Art Studios will use your contact details to keep you up to date regards any Book Camp news. Your details are safe and will not be shared with any other parties. All emails are sent out BCC. At camp, there is a discussion about how the camp attendees would like to stay in contact.

This is an important one - if you cannot stay until the end please do not book in.The only way to run book camp is if we'll all stay in it together until the end. With a united front we all clear up our own spaces and the shared area (cleaning is not required) tidying up is. Book Camp 2020 was THE BEST tidy up ever. It doesn't take long when a group of women work together to clear a space!

In the area:

Is a fantastic coffee shop/cafe: Sozo

A wonderful shop called: Just Plane Interesting which we make a field trip out to. This is optional and 10 minutes away by car.

An amazing book art studio Book Art Studios ha ha but it is! AND we will be taking a visit there...

The wonderful artisan bakery: The Crafty Baker

If you are in the area on Saturday be sure to visit The Oratia Farmers Market which is now a plant based market.

Around on Sunday? Then get yourself off to one of our longest most well‐known markets in the West: Avondale Markets

Questions? Email Liz: and ask away!

Please note, no students were harmed during last year’s book camp, a good time was had by all!!!

VIDEO ONE: Outside the classroom area

VIDEO TWO: The driveway to book camp in real time so you can see how long it is! Great drone shots to give you an idea of just how lovely the setting is.

A HUGE thank you to Christopher Hope at Property Pics for the amazing drone footage.

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