Do you fancy learning how to create your own handmade books? 

Do you want to learn how to dye paper using my secret technique? 

Hello, I'm Liz from Book Art Studios and I sell a vast range of unique, scrumptious

and one-of-a-kind handmade books & journals, here in New Zealand. 

I offer a range of book making/book binding classes both online & in person,

which take place in my gorgeous studio.

I'm an author too, and have a range of published books for you to enjoy. 

Now, let's get on with it and get you creating....


P.S Oh, and I offer FOUR day Book Camps (retreats for women) to create yummy books!


Dyed & Gone to Heaven (Wellington) August 24th & 25th

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Dyed & Gone to Heaven is my most popular class. We dye paper and do some other exciting and secret squirrel stuff to it to make it simply divine. You won't ever buy paper in a shop looking like this. If you're looking for a unique gift and you love creating, or you have a loved one who does, here it is!

It's a hands on get messy divinely gorgeous laughter filled two day workshop filled with creative adventures and wondrous discoveries.

We experiment with dyes in creative ways which get astounding results. Kits are supplied to create one journal with a soft cardboard cover.

You don't have to have experience in book making or book binding to join in this workshop. Just an open mind and a curiosity to learn new creative skills.

This is an adventurous class where you'll be surprise at how quickly you can create depth in the pages using simple techniques and very basic equipment. The books we create are low key and fun to help keep the pace of the class easy going and laid back.

Please note, the reason this has remained a secret is that individuals attend this class for their own interests and have respected my wishes not to blog about it. If you are from an art institution please let me know so we can discuss. I don't train the trainers at this point, but I am available to come and teach at your place.


WHERE: Hutt Art Centre

WHEN: August 24/25th 2019

COST: $320 per person includes a kit to create two small journals eacb and use of the dyes & tutors undivided attention!

TIME: 9:30am to 4:00pm both days

Room for 12 people.


If you have any questions about this workshop please ask before booking in.

Once you've paid your fees you're considered booked in and there are no refunds.

You can of course send a replacement if you can't make it or you change your mind.

Any questions just email!

A class requirement list will be emailed upon registration.

Have a happy and creative day.


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