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If you're a collector of books/journals, a book lover, a journaller or an appreciator of things arty and unique, then feast your eyes on this book (from a collection called: The Family). It's #1 of 6.

Each journal measures: 150 X 100 mm with a spine of 30mm and contains a collection of random papers, some of which have been dyed in coffee and some in dyes. There are approximately 140 pages if you write on both sides.

The journals have been covered with calico which has been dyed using my secret method called: Dyed and Gone to Heaven. Which creates depth to the material or papers I work with. Please note, the journals or the pages are not fixed. If you leave your journal out in the rain, take it swimming, or cry into it - the dye will run.

I've put some photos of the 6 journals together to show you the series. But this sale is for ONE journal only.

This journal has been bound using the straight stitch method. I used white linen thread (dyed in coffee) which is sturdy and keeps the books bound beautifully.

If you have any questions about this journal or any others in the family you can, indeed you must simply, email me.

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