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What I learnt from a cat door.

I usually write a blog post when I feel passionate about something. Well, I'm not necessarily passionate about cat doors, but I am passionate about the learning I gained when I had one installed for Millie.

Firstly, I did a ring around only to discover the average quote was $160 (top price was over $200) - luxury cat doors maybe??

As I was working with a time frame to train Millie to use one before I had to leave her with a house sitter, I booked to have one installed in my lovely wooden back door. A very friendly chatty man arrived with all his tools and handed me his extension lead to be plugged in. I looked at the time when he arrived so I knew it was 35 minutes later when Millie had her cat door and I had a bill for $160.

I then went into my studio to begin pricing a pile of books I had just created. I thought long and hard about the hours spent creating them. The materials used. My expertise and years of honing my craft.

I had no problem pricing these gorgeous books at $165 each. I was so grateful to the cat door man for helping me once and for all recognise my own worth.

He didn't apologise or explain his reasons for his price. He just handed me the bill.

He didn't go into great details about his craftsmanship, skills or years spent learning how to install cat doors. He even gave me a free (slightly creepy looking) cat magnet advertising his company and expected me to keep it on my fridge and pass on his details freely.

I'm not quite sure why. when or how it became expected or even accepted that artists give their work away either for free or cheaply. OR explain in detail why they arrived at the price displayed on their works of art. I have learned my lesson from the cat door man and say with all honesty, best $160 I've ever spent to learn such a valuable lesson. Thank you. And goodnight.

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