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The meaning of life explained with the help of pics peanut butter.

A funny thing happened recently where I experienced a huge AH-HA moment.

In my kitchen.

With a jar of Pic's peanut butter as the trigger.

I'll just back up a little.

In August this year when I was visiting England, my daughter's friend Ben, made a delicious smoothie. I was surprised to learn peanut butter was one of the ingredients given he's a vegan.

After MUCH eye rolling from my 28 year old daughter, she explained, somewhat like a kindergarten teacher interacting with her young students, that peanut butter IS vegan.

I'm sorry, but if you put butter in the title who can blame me?!

Upon my return to New Zealand I set about duplicating the smoothie recipe only to be constantly disappointed with the results. The peanut butter just kept crowding the smoothie hijacking the taste and despite experimenting with smaller amounts the results were just the same.

I was using peanut butter discovered in the cupboard, left behind by an exiting flatmate.

Hmmmmm, I pondered to myself, what if it's the brand of peanut butter I'm using....just a thought.

The next day with a newly acquired jar of Pic's peanut butter in my hot little hands, I tentatively added it to the next round of smoothie making.

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! BINGO!!!!!

That's when I realised not all peanut butters are created equally. But I realised more than's the AH-HA.

I realised that when something isn't working, you don't necessarily have to give up and start all over again, sometimes, ALL IT TAKES is to tweak one little aspect of it. In this case it was as simple as replacing the peanut butter I was using. Once I did this, I experienced AMAZING results.

Please note, I'm not affiliated with Pic's peanut butter in any way! I have not been asked to do this - I actually discovered it all by myself!

Wishing these holidays that you find your AH-HA moments wherever they show up! Keep your eyes peeled as you never know where that might be.

Liz xx

December 2018

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