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What the Hell?

Now this is a story I really couldn't make up!

About two years ago, I was at my sisters place in Wellington when I spotted the discarded packaging from their trip to Hell the night before.

I was instantly intrigued with the branding and fell in love with the humour. Being the kind of person who sees the potential to create a book in everything, I was so excited about the thought of using the paper bag and pizza box.

Upon my return to Auckland, I set about creating a notebook which I then sent to the man in charge of Hell, Callum Davies. He hated it (actually, he loved it) but we had a funny little interchange with a hellish sense of humour.

At the time, he couldn't think of a use for them so I slunk off into the background to pursue other booky projects until almost two years later.

This is the bit I couldn't make up....

I begin most mornings with a meditation and it's not unusual to hear a thought that's so loud it's as if someone's spoken to me. It's often when I get my best ideas, find solutions to a problem or gain some valuable insight. But never have I heard the thought: CONTACT HELL, so loudly it was as if someone had shouted it into my ear!

So I did.

I emailed Callum reminding him of the book I sent two years ago and told him I was about to begin creating my Christmas range of books for Corporate clients (which I was). He loved the idea of creating books for his franchisees for Christmas gifts.

What started out as a order for 73 notebooks, ended up being an order for 85. My biggest commissioned order EVER.

I asked on various SM platforms for used Hell Pizza boxes simply saying I had a recycled project I was working on as I was keen to recycle where I could. I'd come home to find empty pizza boxes on the doorstep with little notes stuck on them from friends! Some people even went so far as to order Hell Pizza on a regular basis JUST so they could pass on the boxes to me (you know who you are).

If you'd like a glimpse of the epic-ness of this fun project - scroll down for the video.


I'm thrilled to add Hell Pizza to a rather impressive (if I say so myself) collection of

Corporate Clients which include :

Coca Cola

Depot Eatery

Pernod Ricard



Buffet Junction


Hell Pizza

Would you like to see your brand used in a unique and creative way?

I'm back from Hell now, and available to have a chat about unique corporate gifts, mail art projects, and handmade branded products . Email me today.

P.S During my research of the company I thought it only fair that I sample various vegetarian pizza's to see if the pizza's tasted as good as the branding looked. I actually had to check THREE times that I'd ordered the vegetarian option as the Quorn tasted (from what I can remember) so much like chicken. If you haven't tried their veggie range I suggest you do, you won't be disappointed, it's DELICIOUS!

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