What happens at book camp, stays at book camp. Kinda.

Book Camp 2018

PLEASE NOTE: the photos seemed to be causing a problem. I'm currently working on re-sizing to make them more web friendly!

I’m inclined to let the pictures speak for themselves at the risk of using the infamous line; What happens at book camp, stays at book camp, because in a way, it does.

Take a group of people in any situation, put them together in a room for a few days and it’s such a personal experience it’s a little hard to write about.

In brief:

We created three projects over four days

Got fed delicious food

Were challenged to grow our creative wings

Played, played and played

Laughed a lot

Explored the gorgeous surroundings

Experimented with ideas and concepts

Made stuff up



Made new friends

Created amazing new works

The End.

Ha ha.

Ok, so to pack that out a litte…….

According to Yvette, the owner of Bella Rakha, we come in after a group who’ve done silent contemplation for several days. So they go from no one talking to 14 people talking! They also go from minimalist to well, Yvette, has said we’re the messiest group she’s ever had stay at the camp.

Therefore to say we go, we make a HUGE LOUD mess, and then we leave would just about sum it up.

At book camp, you get to work at your own pace, at your own level.

Class hours are offically 9-4 each day. I’m around before and after those times. People wander in and out at times that suit them. You can go off for a walk/a nap or curl up in the corner on the lounge suite (brought in epecially from my house!) and read a book.

The important thing is that you feel nutured, filled up with creativity and that you expand yourself in a way in which feels right for you.

So take a look at the photos, ask any questions you might have, chat to someone who’s been, and if you feel you’d like to join us for Book Camp 2019 doors open Febuary 1st at 7:30pm!