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As you know I like to experiment on a Friday night, with a live audience. What can I say, I'm clearly an out on the edge artist. Or simply mad. Let's not think about this for too long and move on.

I thought it would be riveting (I'm not sure who for) to do a book review for one of the recent episodes of Book Art Studios TV .

As promised I'm turning this into a blog so I can go through each book and say what I love about it and why. Here they are in no particular order (yeah, right) haha.

1. DIY Notebooks by Liz Constable

This adorable (and affordable) book by Book Artist Liz Constable is a must have for anyone starting out in the book arts. It makes a great gift for a new creator or even an experienced one who wants to branch out into the charming world of book art. There are three easy to follow projects (and I believe the author also sells kits for these projects - in her shop). A small book, but packed with ideas, tips and encouragement by the author whose passion for book art clearly shines through in this book. Also available in German! If you want to get one of these books - mention this blog and the author will throw in free shipping......

2. Think Like An Artist

I recently reviewed this amazing book in a newsletter. Written by the arts editor at the BBC. Will Gompertz - it really hits the spot. After observing the characteristics of creative people, Will puts his findings into an easy to follow makes sense, HELL YES! book, which has you jumping up for joy while you feel utterly validated. It was like someone gave me a book all about what goes on in my head and said: it's all good, there's a plan in there and you're not going mad. A must read for any creative. Available in libraries.

3. The Art World of Richard Stine by Richard Stine

I've adored this artist for years, ever since my lovely friend Ailie Snow gave me a copy of his book. His humour is clearly present in all his illustrations as well as being thoughtful, deep and very, very clever. I was just starting out in book art when I was introduced to this book, and I was drawn to his loose style. Reading his book made me feel like I was taking part in his art process with him as he figured it out for himself. I loved how exposed, raw and real his work was. I still do. A must have for any artist to have on hand as inspiration, to make you laugh when you need it and admire for all it's creativity and charm.

4. The Forgetting Room by Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock is another artist whose work I've admired and drooled over for years. I was even lucky enough to buy some of his precious rubber stamps when they were freely available on the market. He makes collage look super easy, which you realise isn't when you set out to create works of art of your own. Don't think twee or 1970's collage, Nick Bantocks style is witty, arty and very clever. Look him up and all his books. Take time over this Easter break to research this author, I assure you, it will be time well spent.

5. Gypsy by Sibella Court

First introduced to this interior designer, by an interior designer friend, it was love at first sight. Her books are a feast for the eyes. I especially love her colour palettes which have introduced me to tones and colours I've never seen before. I'm sending you to her website, Society Inc, not only can you see her fabulous range of published books, but take a peek at her shop (if you dare) and poke around the rest of the site. You won't be disappointed and I won't be surprised if you find yourself inspired to do makeovers in your home and studio as a result!

6. The Pig of Happiness by Edward Monkton

What's NOT to love about this cheery adorable book. It got me at hello! Again, I'm sending you to the authors website as you have to have a go at the Monktonator on his home page! It's as gorgeous as his books. If it's one thing that I love, it's getting a message across through humour and art, and Edward does this in spades! I have the Pig of Happiness on my keyring, a tee-towel in my kitchen and on a pencil case in my studio (as well as the book itself). So it's fair to say I'm a fan (or a stalker) I'll let you decide!

When I did this book review live, a few people who were watching chipped in with their favourite books. Here's a list of what I could find, if I missed you out, or you want to add to it please feel free to add your book in the comments!

Joanne from the UK recommends:

The French Archive of Design and Decoration by Stafford Cliff

Catherine from NZ recommends:

Living the Creative Life: From Working Artists by Rice Freeman Zachery

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