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Dyed & Gone to Heaven

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

It's fair to say I love to dye paper.

A chance meeting with the dyes through a student of mine over 10 years ago, sent me on a creative journey I would never have imagined could have been filled with such joy.

I've kept the technique a 'secret' for a long time and more recently opened the doors to international students via zoom classes. I have to say, it's enriched my life creating an online community, via a private facebook group for students who have attended a class. I love that we can all share our dyeing adventures together!

There is a book in the works and then the cat really will be out of the bag! But until then, a thank you to my students who direct interested friends to my class. This is how I create a living as an artist so I am grateful to them for their loyalty and support.

So until the book, here are a few of my favourite photographs - a little dyed and gone to heaven eye candy.


And if you're keen to attend an online (or in person class) please visit my website for details.

Thanks! Liz :-)


If you'd like to see the lovely Wendy from Willa Wanders unboxing some papers I sent to her, you can take a peek here!

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