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Why the smallest room in the house, doesn't have to be the most boring!

It's fair to say, I love a good soak in the bath. It's my timeout place. The bathroom is therefore a place I spend a fair bit of time relaxing in. As creativity is important to me, it doesn't just belong in the studio. Earlier in the year, with the help of my woodworking teacher Mr G, we attached some sarking, rough cut kauri that was used as plasterboard in New Zealand many moons ago, to the bathroom wall. It afforded me creative license to attach hooks to the wall - who doesn't love a good hook?!

I'd sanded, polished and cut it to size previously, so all we had to do was attach it to the wall. The boat hook is my latest acquisition from a shop closing down in Matakana. The bottle from a friend who left it in my house with flowers in.

This Mermaid hook was found in a little antique/flea shop on a road trip somewhere between Wellington and Napier. The bells come from a shop that sells items from India, in the Coromandel. My point being, I collect gorgeous items as I find them all over the place and love putting them together.

Let's talk toilet roll holders! This one came with me from the cottage on the cliff. I spray painted it black and added a couple of gorgeous hooks found in the same shop that the mermaid hook was living in. By the way, I often triangle my loo paper. It's just a little thing, try it and see how it lifts your spirits!!

This darling peg creation is by Su McPherson, and was gifted to me by a shop owner. I love that she doesn't quite fit with the other items in the bathroom. She's a stand alone and deserves to be because she's so beautiful.

I can't get enough of wire products. So when I came across this recently in The Old School Shop in Matakana I had to snap it up. The french soap is so fragrant, it lifts my spirits every time I walk into the bathroom!

Finally, my vintage balloons that grace the white walls of the bathroom are just delightful! I bought a roll of wrapping paper from Passion for Paper in Parnell, and did gesso transfers on the walls with the balloons. It's a great reminder to use techniques in a totally different way! It's a fabulous (and cheap) way to cheer up any space, not to mention fun and unique.

Anyway, must dash, the bath is calling me.....!!!

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