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Here's something new to book art studios. A smaller copy of an original journal.


The original journal was A4 this copy is A5. The cover of the original has been scanned into the printer and printed onto soft card. 


I've filled the book with white hand cut paper so it still gives it the appearance of being handmade. It has one small piece of hand dyed paper in the middle. This won't be exactly as you see in the photograph, it will be whatever off cuts I have in at the time. 


The journal is A5 size and contains 40 pages if you write on both sides.  Take a peek at the video to give you more of an idea of how they look! 


Please note, if you buy more than one item you may be charged more for shipping. I'll be in touch if that's the case. 


A5 journal #2 COPY


    • For this journal it's $20 (tracked) for UK/USA/CANADA/EUROPE/Australia

      If you're buying more than one item, please use the flat rate shipping option.

      It's usually pretty close to accurate. But if it's out by more than $10 I'll let you know. Likewise, you can ask for a shipping quote before purchasing. 
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