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Please note, all class times and dates are in NEW ZEALAND TIME we're currently in NZ DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.


Prices are in New Zealand dollars - a class handout is automatically emailed to you with all the instructions on how to attend the class and what materials are needed when you purchase the class. 


  •     Coptic binding
  •     Straight stitch binding (two versions)
  •     I'll chat about how to cover your books
  •     Supplies to use
  •     Where to recycle when you can
  •     What tools I use to create my books
  •     Tips and tricks along the way
  •     What kind of thread I use
  •     A variety of ways to cut paper

This class runs over four weeks. A class handout with all the details will automatically be emailed upon registration.


Sunday 28th January 10am - 11:30am (ish)

Sunday  4th February 10am - 11:30am (ish)  

Sunday 11th February 10am - 11:30am (ish)

Sunday 18th February 10am - 11am

Please allow around an hour and a half for each class just in case I get carried away! 

I'm very spontaneous when I teach, so let's learn and create together and explore our collective creativity and see where it leads us. I’m not a 'cookie cutter' teacher  - I’m quite comfortable if people go off piste and produce individual results.



1. Are the classes recorded? And how long can you view them for?
The classes are recorded and sent out soon after the class ends with a link and a password (to Vimeo). I'll make them available as long as I can store them on vimeo and as long as I own Book Art Studios.


2. Can I sign up and watch with a friend? 

The cost of the class is per person. Thank you for not sharing the details with a friend (but encouraging them to sign up too!) and supporting me to make a living as an artist. 


3. Is the class suitable for a newbie to book binding?

Absolutely! I suggest you watch first, ask questions then enjoy creating with the recordings. 


4. How much do I have to spend on materials?

I encourage people to use what they have and adapt before rushing off to buy new materials. A material list is sent out as soon as you purchase the class. You can make these books very cheaply by recycling old materials (sourced at charity shops) if you don't have what's needed. You can even use photocopy paper for the books if you don't have any paper to work with. 

A little about me Liz, your tutor:
I began my working life as an early childhood teacher at the tender age of 16 and have been teaching in one way or another ever since. My classes aren't rehearsed, I often make things up as I go along, discover new ways of approaching creativity and enjoy having fun while I work. You'll be in good, gentle, caring hands. I encourage questions in my zoom classroom but equally, if you're nervous and don't want to be present, you can switch off your camera and microphone and just watch. You can ask questions in the chat.

I encourage people to create at their own level of comfort.

Kind words from a student who has attended this class online:

I love Liz's positive and friendly teaching style, and have learned so much taking classes from her.

Each week I was inspired and motivated by what we learned in the bookbinding class. Not only does Liz communicate instruction clearly as she works, but maybe more importantly for this beginner, talks through her design and thought process in a very encouraging and approachable way.

If you can, attend the live sessions - there is something to be said for the comradery of learning live from a favorite artist.

Can't wait to attend another class in the future!



ONLINE LIVE Creating a set of three small books 4 week class

  • Please read up about the class before you purchase it as I do not offer refunds for online classes.

    I do everything I can to advertise it correctly. If you have any questions, ask before you purchase the class. You are buying the class for one person, please don't buy it then show it to a group of friends. This is how I make a living as an artist. Thank you. 

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