This peculiar picture on the cover of this journal, is a photograph I took when I was in the UK a few years ago. I saw the poster on a lamp-post outside the chippie! 


It says:



Answers to the name Pepita

Monocromatic likes wine


It is so hilarious I love it and just had to create a journal using the image which has been transfered onto the cover using the gesso transfer technique. So it's purposely got a film grainey look to it. 


The cover is a soft card that's been hand-dyed using a secret formula (dyed and gone to heaven) that you won't find anywhere on the internet. 


There are approximately 52 pages if you write on both sides. If you're a drawer, journaller or just like some arty eye candy, you'll adore the pages inside these journals.

They measure: 150 x 190mm

Be careful not to chuck them in water as they will run (not for the hills) but as in, the dye isn't fixed! 

Mexican Penguin: Handmade Journal

  • Please choose carefully as I do not offer refunds. The books and journals leave my studio having passed through my hands so I know what condition they're in. They are made by hand so they're not 'perfect' they have their flaws but that's part of the charm of my books. All my work is sent out via regular post (NZ post) and unless you request it (and want to pay extra) there is no tracking.