This is the 'box set' of all three tutorials for Book Camp Correspondence School.

You are in for a treat! This is the opportunity to create three gorgeous projects.


If you love making books and journals, or what to learn how've come to the right place.


When I film tutorials I'm starting from scratch. I don't plan or practice in advance. I like to film tutorials in this way as the student gains more of a realistic idea of how art works. Making art means trying out different techniques, making mistakes, liking your work, not liking it then liking it again (in some cases!).


When I'm filming I'm demonstrating not only how to create a journal but all the techniques and arting that go with it. I chat away as I'm creating and present options as I discover them. I really enjoy teaching this way as it keeps it fresh and interesting for me which makes me more of an authentic teacher.


When you buy this tutorial, you'll be emailed a handout and link with a password to Vimeo where the videos live.


Please note, this tutorial is for one person only. Please don't share the link or password with others, or show it to a group of friends. This is how I make my living as an artist.


The video is not downloadable, but it is available to view until December 30th 2021.

ONLINE TUTORIAL: Book Camp Correspondence the box set

  • Please note, there are no refunds offered for the online tutorials. If you have any questions about any of the classes, please ask before purchasing.