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This class has been and gone but is available as a recording. Suitable for Christmas Grinches (I'm one myself so it's not overly Christmassy.) I create a card with a whale with antlers in the video so, there you go Christmas Grinch, you'll be fine. 


You can still sign up (use the promo code: LIZSDRAWERS to get it for free!). 


You'll be sent a handout as soon as you checkout with the recording details. 


Have fun!! 


This is just a fun casual class to create some Christmas cards together.

Create along with me, or watch! It's totally up to you.


I'll be making two designs which I'll demonstrate and chat about.

The class will be recorded and made available to the participants afterwards.

You can join in LIVE or watch the recording afterwards.


Please note, by signing up and turning up LIVE you are agreeing to be recorded. If you don't fancy this, just leave your camera off. 




ONLINE LIVE: Christmas Card Making Class

  • When you sign up for the class, I really only need your email.

    So feel free to put XXX in any of the other boxes (I'm not data mining!!)

    Once you've gone through the checkout, you'll automatically be sent an email containing a download link. Click this and you'll be given the handout with all the information you need! 

  • The class will be recorded and links to the recording sent out soon after the class has ended. If you signed up for the class, you'll get the recording which will be on vimeo. 

    If you turn up LIVE and don't wish to be in the recording, keep your camera off. 

    I'll be leaving the recording up on vimeo for as long as I have a vimeo account! 

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