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Jo has created this fabulous poster to download, print, display. 


We're working hard to spread the word that our magazine has arrived. We want to fill the world with creativity, light, laughter, delight, joy and play! But we need your help to do it. 


If you belong to an art club/group, or have your own studio, or access to a community noticeboard, we'd love to see our poster in far flung places in the world. 



Let's lift the worlds spirits! 


Take a photo if you can and either send to me or post on social media and tag @bookartstudios 


When you complete your order, you're automatically given the download. Please note, it's best done on a laptop or PC. They don't tend to show up as well on a phone!! 



POSTER TO ADVERTISE ESSENCE OF PLAY - help us spread the word!

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