This one came out of the blue (despite having mainly yellow pages!) and surprised me by its instence on wanting to be in this world. 


It's a delight. It feels fresh, raw and ready for someone to take it and work with it. 


The cover has been created with a combination of brown paper (dyed) and raffata (also dyed). The papers inside have been dyed using my secret technique:  dyed and gone to heaven. 


It has approximately 52 pages inside if you write on both sides. The paper is a lovely weight and sadly out of stock. So grab a book that won't be repeated simply because of the paper itself! 


It measures: 180 x 250 so it's a good size  book. Don't dilly dally if you're thinking about it. This is the ONLY one!! 

X book

  • Please choose carefully. I do not offer returns. I create using my hands not a machine. Each piece is unique. This particular book is raw and the threads that you see hanging out of it - are part of the creation!