As of November 2020, I've written and published FOUR books. Man, I'm so proud of this! 

Take a look below to see what they are, and if you take a shine to any (or all!) of them, then wow and thank you in advance for your support.  

RE:CREATE (2020)

Publisher:Book Art Studios

Photographer: Jason Burgess

Designer: Jo Constable: 

The Design Space

Order a copy here.

One Small Drop

Publisher:Book Art Studios


Liz Constable

Designer: Jo Constable

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DIY Notebooks

Publisher:Little Wing

Author:Liz Constable

Photographer:Jason Burgess





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DIY Notizbüchlein

Publisher:Freya Verlag

Author:Liz Constable


Jason Burgess


Melanie Wittwer

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Are we there yet? 

Photograph from Re:Create.

By Jason Burgess