I am absolutely delighted to announce that RE:CREATE is OUT NOW!

RE:CREATE is designed to inspire creative crafters of any age! 

RE:CREATE is an easy to follow, how-to guide to making unique and personalised books by hand. With a focus on repurposing, reusing and recycling, I've approached the projects in RE:CREATE with a budget of just NZ$35!


The photographs are a wonderful addition to the text and Jason Burgess has done an outstanding job at telling the how-to story. through the his camera. 


Jo Constable from The Design Space is an outstanding graphic designer, who began working in this field BC (before computers!). Her vision, backed up with her geeky nature is a winning combination in the design of RE:CREATE.

If you're an independent book shop and would like to stock copies of RE:CREATE, or belong to a group who would like to hire Liz as a speaker, please get in touch.

All media enquires please contact Liz


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