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June 23, 2016

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Jemima's kitchen


OH LA LA - last year I went off to teach in Australia, upon my return I drove past a very posh looking shipping container in Oratia (the suburb next to mine). I was intrigued by this new arrival that had sprung up in my absence and when I saw the name: Jemima's Kitchen - I couldn't wait for it to open to see what delights they'd be serving. 


I wasn't disappointed, this darling eatery serves the BEST burgers ever! If you don't believe me, simply try for yourself. They were so delicious that when a friends birthday was coming up in May last year I thought I'd gift her and her husband a burger each as a 'date night' birthday treat! . When I asked one of the lovely staff at Jemima's if they had vouchers the simple answer was: "Not yet". The suggestion to make one myself by writing something out on photocopy paper made me smile! I thought to myself, hmmm we can do better than that! Fair to say at that time the young girl didn't know she was dealing with a book/mail artist! 


I arrived back an hour later with a handmade voucher using their branding - which they were delighted with and said: "OH we ought to have some made up for us! " I had to laugh again when they wondered where they could go to get some created!!! "ERM you're looking at her" I said with a smile! 


Jemima then handed me an empty karma cola box and asked if I could make up some vouchers from it. I will say at this point, the box was amazing. If you haven't seen the branding (or tasted the drinks) from this delightfully playful company then I suggest you do! 


I've made up two lots of vouchers for them now as over Christmas they were flying out the container! It's such a playful job I'm certainly not complaining when they run out. I'll just say at this point I have not at all been paid by either Karma Cola or Jemima's kitchen to recommend or promote them. I just love it when I come across home grown businesses run by lovely, caring people who have worked hard to get where they are. 


P.S Don't even get me started on Jemima's handout chips.......... *swoon*








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