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Client Testimonal (more below)

" Several years ago I met Liz from Book Art Studios & my journey of experimenting with dying paper began in her "Dyed & Gone to Heaven" workshop. It was lots of fun & recently I participated in the workshop sequel, "I Dyed Again".

Liz is a great tutor, on arrival we each received a generous pack with a variety of different papers to play with. Liz is generous when sharing her knowledge & experience, & she is interested & delighted with the different results of our playful experiments.

I would definitely recommend any of the workshops from Book Art Studios, but be warned, you never know where your exploration may lead you & it is an addictive art form."


Contact Liz

Thank you for sending me a message. I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

Hello, you can contact me through this form or email me directly. 

If you'd like to visit to discuss a commission please get in touch first. As I teach online at various times visits are strictly by appointment only. 

Opening times are 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

Please note, I am in New Zealand, we are a day ahead of most of the world.


Ah Liz!  I'm just heading to bed and got your email first.  Thank You for Understanding the Feel of these books to me.  I have Completely touched and looked at Every Single page in the first one I opened.  The binding is of Course just Amazing!  And the Pages!!!  Every page has a story to tell...............I love the ones that have bits out of them. I guess the "rawness".  Absolute Perfection with how I feel about Nature and life.   I might be asking you questions as I travel through these books.  And I Thank you for not thinking I'm crazy for how much I feel for them. 


And You, made my Life have a Beautiful Gift during these odd times.  What Beauty can come out of our hearts.  Art, Love, Consideration, Caring about each other........... I'm more Mother Nature as my force beyond me.  And what a Joy she sent me with  your creations!!!  


And Thank you Again for your last instagram with your smile and laugh.  So Real and it made me Smile!


Thank you!!!


Margaret (USA)

Goodreads review for Re:Create

October 2020

Fabulous book for anyone interested in paper and book making. The easy to read instructions on the projects combined with the brilliant photo illustrations make this book a number one go to.

Liz has a great style and makes everything fun, there’s no hard and fast rules, there’s no pedantic perfection, just an attitude to create and have fun while doing so.

Liz has managed to combined her tips and hints with her methods of creating personal and fun books, suitable for keeping or gift giving from journals to little notebooks and in between.

If you’re looking for a great book to start your book making adventures, this is the book I’d choose every time.

Testimonal from Bev.png

From Bev in the UK - 23rd August 2021

December 2022

Liz, WOWZA!!!!  X Marks the Spot arrived safely here in DC — and of course I couldn’t wait to open it (forget waiting for the actual holidays).  I AM IN LOVE WITH IT (and the wrapping paper, beautiful note, card, etc!!!!)


Thank you, Liz, for sharing your creations.  

I need to get a proper shelf for this beauty, past beauties, and all the beauties I am inspired to create myself.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!

~ Karyn

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