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My First Love

I've always loved words, not just the words themselves but the artistic nature of them. One of my favourite games when I was little, was creating words to look like they sounded. Words such as: THIN, FAT, LONG were delightful to work with. So it's hardly surprising

I ended up being a book artist who writes.


The one constant in my life...teaching

I've been in teaching roles since I was 16 - beginning my working life looking after young children as a nursery nurse in Manchester, UK the home of my birth. 


From Manchester to New Zealand

My adventurous parents brought myself and two of my sisters out to New Zealand on a holiday when I was just 14. It was love at first sight for me upon our arrival. The holiday ended with me vowing to return to live. And so I did at the tender age of 22, after an adventure in Jamaica for almost a year, but that's another story!


Cutting a long story short...

I began working at an early childcare centre, bought it, sold it & re-trained to become a careers advisor. I eventually morphed into a book artist. I adore working with people and watching them discover just how creative they really are.

Exciting things have been happening


Book Art Studios

I never really set out to publish a book but my creative path led me to do this. 


I’ve now authored five books. 


One Small Drop Published by Book Art Studios

DIY Notizbüchlein Published by Freya Verlag

DIY Notebooks Made Easy Published by Little Wing

Re:Create Published by Book Art Studios

Dyed & Gone to Heaven Published by Book Art Studios


This has been such an extraordinary adventure! 

Liz Constable

Email:  Phone: 021 02244 684


P.S I like to put on my red shoes and dance.  

Liz x

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