journey through journaling

I have always loved words, not just the words themselves but the artistic nature of them. One of my favourite games when I was little, was creating words to look like they sounded. Words such as: THIN, FAT, LONG were delightful to work with. So it's hardly surprising I ended up being a book artist who writes.


The one constant in my life...teaching

I have been in teaching roles since I was 16 - beginning my working life looking after young children as a nursery nurse in Manchester, UK the home of my birth. 


How did a girl from Manchester

end up living in New Zealand??

My adventurous parents brought myself and two of my sisters out to New Zealand on a holiday when I was just 14. It was love at first sight for me upon our arrival. The holiday ended with me vowing to return to live. And so I did at the tender age of 22, after an adventure in Jamaica for almost a year, but that's another story!


Cutting a long story short...

I went on to own the childcare centre I worked at, sold it & re-trained to become a careers advisor. I eventually morphed into a book artist. I adore working with people and watching them discover just how creative they really are.

Exciting things have been happening


Book Art Studios

My dream to produce a beautiful published book (that looks handmade) has been achieved. My first book: One Small Drop, was published in March 2015 with my creative sister Jo.  #achievement unlocked


As a challenge for my 50th birthday in 2015 I decided to be one of 7,000 exhibitors at the Frankfurt BookFair 

If you want to know how that happened then pop over to my blog for the full story (grab a cuppa as it is quite a story) The outcome was so exciting with Austrian publishing house Freya Verlag inviting me to write a book on how to create notebooks. So, I did and it was translated into German. It is beyond exciting to work on a project such as this. They are now for sale at the book depository

AND NOW.....the  book is available in English! You can see it here: DIY Notebooks Made Easy.

My next goal is to exhibit at the New York Book this space! 

Liz Constable

Email:  Phone: 021 02244 684

P.S I like to put on my red shoes and dance. 

Liz x