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  • Do you have a creative project you're struggling with?
  • Are you suffering from creative burnout?
  • Can't stop buying more art supplies but can't art?
  • Is there a creative amibition (such as teaching/writing) that I can help you with?


In our 1-1 live session, we'll chat about your situation.

You're in the driving seat  and I'll take my lead from you.

There's no magic formula, I can't guarantee you'll experience an eureka moment! But in my experience of working with people in a coaching session, the more open and ready you are to address an issue or problem, the more likely you are to make a breakthrough. 


Sessions last for no longer than 90 minutes and can be recorded if you'd like them to be and or you can take notes. 


What qualifies me to offer help with a creative problem?

Before my life as an artist, I was a career/life coach. I worked with hundreds  of people to assist them with aspects of their lives. 


My observations were this, people often have the answers themselves, but for a variety of reasons, they struggle to reach them.


I'm a supportive and encouraging teacher/coach who is able to offer a birds eye view to your creative conundrum.


I've been through enough of my own creative struggles as an artist, author, business owner to understand how it feels when things just don't feel like they're working out like you want them to! 



I'm not a licensed therapist. In New Zealand you don't need to be a licensed coach or afflilated with any coaching fraternity.


What I am is a compasionate and caring human. 

I trained with the late and great Richard Bolles. 

I attended AIT and gained a dipolma in career counselling.

I evolved out of the need of my clients, into life coaching.

I'm an artist with over 20 years experience in the field.

An experienced teacher with over 40 years experience.

An author of 5 books and another one on the way. 


How to book a session:

  • Purchase a session and then we'll arrange a time that suits us both.
  • I'll set up a zoom meeting and email you the information
  • A PDF handout is made available to you immediately after you book a session (please check for this on a laptop or desktop). 


How many sessions do you need?

That's totally up to you. I don't lock anyone in to coaching contracts. I offer to help on a as needed basis. 


Liz :-)


ONLINE IN PERSON: Creative coaching sessions with Liz

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