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In this playful class, I'll show you how to do a gesso transfer on my studio table! I'll talk you through the process and chat about the papers I'm using. 


I'll then take you into my bathroom and show you what I did with some funky wrapping paper from Passion for Paper * here in New Zealand and some gesso! 


I also highlight how to use the technique on an uneven surface such as bricks (in my porch) and show you the results of a quote on my pantry. 


This class is aimed at using wrapping paper and gesso in a fun way to bring a unique flair into spaces in your home. 


When you purchase the class, you're sent an automatic download with the link and password to a vimeo video. You do not have to pay to join vimeo in order to watch it. 



Gesso is predominately used as a primer to prepare a surface for  painting. It makes the surface slightly textured in order to accept acrylic paint. Without gesso, the paint would soak into the weave of the canvas. It comes in both black and white. I'll be demonstrating using white gesso. 


*Please note, I'm not affliated with Passion for Paper in any way. I've used their products for years and I adore the paper which is a high quality wrapping paper. 

ONLINE: Gesso transfers for interiors

  • The link to this tutorial is available to download as soon as you've purchased the class. Please don't share the information with anyone else, this is how I make a living as an artist.

  • This tutorial is not refundable as the links are automatically sent to you when you purchase the class so please choose carefully and ask any questions before buying it!

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