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Custom made set of bakers trays

I often flit between multiple projects resulting in piles of items dotted around the studio, taking up space on the tabletops. When chatting with my sister Jo about my frustration around this, this suggested I get some bakers trays. The idea behind this was the trays can be taken out to create more depth on the shelves as required.

As I have access to a woodworking master and his shed (thanks to the classes I attend) I thought this would be a great idea to create, in wood.

After the initial plan was made, we got to work creating a 'kit set'

using planks of macrocarpa.

It was really satisfying to see the framework come together

so quickly and easily once the wood was cut to size.

Mr G's attention to detail and making sure everything was square

was also a key factor in the success of the frame.

After we put the beading on for the shelves to sit on, we attached the monster wheels!

It's my intention to have everything in my studio on wheels

to make it easier to re-arrange/clean and move around.

Mr G sourced some panels for shelving but it was quite lightweight and flimsy.

He said the next weight up was expensive, too heavy and wouldn't be user friendly.

So once it was cut to size on the big saw, we glued and nailed battens to them.

They were left to dry overnight in the shed before being transported home to my studio.

Here's the frame before shelves and before I painted it, in situ!

I had some blue and red chalk paint left over from other jobs

making the decision easy as to what colour to use.

And as just about everything ends up with a quote on it,

I had to include this one by Mahatma Gandhi.

The shelves filled up fast with various projects I'm working on.

But I love that it's left my table tops clear for creating!

I love being able to create custom made furniture for my studio. It makes my heart sing!!

Not to mention it's practical and creates a more user friendly working space. I've noticed my creative process has improved 10 fold since I introduced specific furniture created especially for specific tasks.

A massive thanks to Mr G aka "The Wood Master" because, without his help I'd still be making do with a hand-me-down furniture that didn't function properly!

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I love this, I never have enough space to dry papers and options I’ve looked into don’t tick all my boxes. Hmm, now I just have to find a woodworker.


Apr 27, 2023

Glorious! I was just debating with a local friend the other day how I spend more time clearing the work table than using it - or not using it because some project is drying, or thinking, or whatever they do sometimes. Unfortunately I have slanted ceilings, making storage a PITA.


It looks so awesome especially after you painted it! I love it!

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