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Fodder School Challenge - including photos of the projects I've completed so far!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Here's the backstory. In January 2022, I was invited by Wendy Solganik (known on Instagram as Willa Wanders) to be a Fodder School 2 teacher.

Now, if you know about fodder school, then I know you'll know just how thrilled I was to be asked. I have worked so hard for 20+ years to reach this point in my creative career where I'm handpicked to join in with such an outstanding group of teachers. It's a big deal.

Drew Brecher @drewsteinbrecher

Dori Patrick @patrickdori

Ricki Midbrod @ricki_ticki_tavy

Lucie Duclos @lucieduclos

Jane Chip @janechipp

Rebecca Sower @rebeccasower

Liz Constable (me!) @bookartstudios

Wendy and Tiffany who run Fodder School, have done such an amazing job of creating a massive online community based on working with fodder. It's such a unique concept and year long course and as FS1 is such a success, this event is set to grow in popularity.

If you're only just hearing about this, then GO HERE to learn all about Fodder School.


It's a free online art experience that celebrates our love of mixed media art.


The challenge takes place over nine days. Every day a new short mixed media art project lesson is available in the classroom to registered participants.

This is a fabulous way to get to know the Fodder School teachers, learn more about their style of teaching and generally have a fun time!

Listen to how it all started here:

I've been doing the challenges myself each day and here are my results! I've noticed each day feeling loser and more relaxed with my creating. I'm loving using my dyed papers in new and interesting ways.

DAY 1 - Peace Catcher with Lucie Duclos @lucieduclos

DAY 2 - Gelli prints to finished art pieces with Drew Brecher @drewsteinbrecher

DAY 3: The story of shapes with Julie Hamilton @juliehamiltoncreative

DAY 4 Paper weaving with Rebecca Sower @rebeccasower

DAY 5 Luggage tags with (ME) Liz Constable from Book Art Studios @bookartstudios

I'll be adding the other projects as I complete them.....

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