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Look what I did with an old school bench.....

How could I drive past this when I saw this old school bench discarded

on a neighbour's lawn??

Here is it outside my woodworking teachers shed,

just after I got rid of the rotting wooden seat.

After I took everything off the seat that was unnecessary or rotting,

I gave it a good old sand.

This splotch of oil and water came out of the frame, much to the delight of the class!

Well, everyone except Mr G who just rolled his eyes.

I painted the frame with rust guard (after I took this photo) with the intention of spraying it with spray paint, but I really liked the result.

So I left it as is (you can see it in the photo below).

After we planed and cut the wooden panels, we fitted them onto the frame

to create a new funky bench seat.

Here it is outside my studio before I oiled it.

And now, hurrrrrrrah!!! Here's the finished bench in my front garden.

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