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New studio tables (and a tour of my studio)

It was time to let go of my numerous hand-me-down studio tables and create some custom made ones.

It was great being able to build what I wanted at the height and size I needed at my woodworking class. I wanted proper shelving and wheels so I could move the tables around depending on what class I would be running.

We recycled where we could, using old fence posts and kauri boards (for shelving) that came out of an old cottage in Riverhead that are 130 years old!

It was ambitious creating 4 tables at once, but as there were two each of the same size we made jigs where we could. A jig is something you use when you're making a lot of the same sized items, to save you reinventing the wheel!

Once everything was cut to size, it was almost like working with a kitset, so construction of the tables was relatively straight forward. I used the 'big saw' a lot, which is always slightly terrifying, as my dad lost the top of his thumb on his many years ago!

It wasn't long before the tables began to arrive at my studio. I had a bit of a challenge getting hold of the wheels I wanted but once they were on, wow, my life is transformed!

If you want to see them in the virtual studio tour, scroll down!

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