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The Burn Book

My daughter and her friends have been busy turning 30 this year. The latest request, as a birthday book gift, was a Burn Book.

I had to watch Mean Girls in order to fully understand the book and what it was all about!

I still had some vegan leather left over from the Book of Shadows (yes, another 30th birthday gift!). So I started with this.

Getting the right pink wasn't a challenge. I got it right first time. But then I ran out of the colour I'd made using about three different tones. When I went to make more, do you think I could match it?!!! No!

In the end, I settled for a different pink and used the big piece I'd started with to create a satchel to put the book into.

There are very definite markings which identify the Burn Book - doodles, smudges and lipstick kisses!

The doodles were the challenging part until I thought of using carbon paper* (FINALLY a use for the paper I've been saving for years!).

I got to be an expert at the features of this book after watching videos and looking at photographs. I had to make sure the font on the cover, for example, was the right one!

And of course, no burn book is complete without the lipstick kisses! I have to say, it was a challenge to make the book look 'tatty'! But that's what it's like!

I used my first attempt at copying the doodles on the front of the satchel. I can't show you the insides (designed by designers) of 'burn book' messages from friends. It was hilarious and shocking and the birthday boy LOVED every single one of the messages.

I'm wondering what I'll be asked to make next.....!!!!

*Thin paper coated with carbon and used for making a second copy of a document as it is being written or typed. An old fashioned product that I was mightly grateful for!

"I'm not a regular book, I'm a cool book." is not part of the movie, but a message pertaining to the birthday boy from his friends!

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