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WHERE I create, is in my home studio, in West Auckland, New Zealand. It's hard sometimes to imagine a world outside my creative haven. Thank goodness for other artists who tell you about things happening out in the world. Take Beth from The Art Barn in Canada for instance, she wrote to me last year with a link to WHERE Women Create. The message that came with it was simple, "You need to be in this magazine".

It was love at first sight for me and I didn't hesitate to write to woman at the helm, editor Jo Packham. I had a speedy response encouraging me to submit to WHERE Women Create. I was given the deadline for the OCT/NOV/DEC 2019 edition, which I promptly missed.


I missed the deadline.

Those of you who know me know, I NEVER MISS A DEADLINE.

In my defence, as the US reverse the date and the month I erroneously thought I had more time to submit than I did. Imagine my horror when I thought I'd blown it. So my first piece of advice to anyone outside the U.S.A is this, if you're thinking of submitting make sure you have the correct date to work towards and then bring it in by a couple of days to ensure with time differences etc you're not leaving it to the last minute.

I love writing, but to write a whole article about myself was daunting to say the least. Trying to find the right balance between blowing your own trumpet and being modest is like walking a giant tightrope! Thanks goodness for Jason Burgess at Burgseye who is not only a fantastic photographer (he took the photos for DIY Notebooks Made Easy), but is a wonderful writer too. Thanks to his no holds barred edits I was very pleased with the finished piece.

So it's fair to say I'm super chuffed to go into a new year, indeed, a new decade, so strongly and creatively.

Super chuffed indeed with a little bit of proud of me mixed in.

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