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Join me, Liz Constable in my studio where I demonstrate how to create your own set of Matryoshka books (nesting books).


This project is featured in my book Re:Create and has been really popluar with readers. Re:Create is an easy to follow, how-to guide to making unique and personalised books by hand. With a focus on repurposing, reusing and recycling materials.


When I film tutorials I start from scratch. I don't plan or practice in advance. I film tutorials this way as I like students to gain more of a relastic idea of how art works. 


Oh I do love getting emails and photos from people who do my classses such as this one from Cindy in the US: 


Hi Liz,

I had a floral placemat and a Burpee seed catalog that did not really match.  But I made them work.  Since it was my first effort, I got out my copy of your book and got the papers ready before I began the video.  I had few problems overall but had to use double-sided tape for the pockets and decorated with stitches of embrodiery thread.  I did pamphlet stitches on each book. It is not perfect but I was pleased to create a new project.  I love it so THANK YOU!

I will attach a few photos.   You are a gift and I have fun doing your projects and watching you work.

Now I want to do a dyed and gone to heaven version of this book!


ONLINE TUTORIAL Create your own set of Matryoshka books

  • This tutorial is not refundable so please choose carefully before buying it. 

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