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Prices are in New Zealand dollars, please note, NZ customers will be charged GST at checkout.

We will be in New Zealand standard time when this class begins. 



Sunday   12th November 2023

Sunday  19th November 2023

Sunday  26th November  2023 (show & tell)

10am - 11am


I suggest you read the frequently asked questions as this will hopefully answer what I get asked a lot! 


  • A class requirement list will be emailed upon registration this includes a link and password to the zoom classroom. It's best if you can purchase the class on a desktop or laptop as often people miss that they've been emailed a link with the handout. 



This class is live with me (Liz) and takes place over three weeks. If you can’t attend the live classes you can watch a recording of the classes.

Each recording is made available indefinitely. I record in zoom and upload to vimeo (you don't have to be a member to watch it). I send you a link and a password that is for you only. 



Dyed & Gone to Heaven is my most popular class. We dye paper and do some other exciting and secret squirrel stuff to make it simply divine. You won't ever buy paper in a shop looking like this.


As it's an online class and in my experience of teaching - most people like to watch and experiment afterwards and I recommend this, as there's a lot to take in.


A class requirement list will be emailed upon registration.


I say this is what we'll cover roughly - because I'm a spontaneous teacher. I've taught this class on numerous occasions but if I suddenly have an idea, or someone asks me a question and it leads to an experiment, then off we go! I cover A LOT of information, I don't hold anything back and we have fun along the way. If you buy this class and join the facebook group, this is the class that just keeps on giving! 

WEEK ONE (roughly):

  • How the technique orignated and the progression of it to what it is today
  • My peek into my own person private paper collection
  • What kind of papers to use and how they react in the dye
  • What kind of dyes I use and how I use them to create depth in the paper
  • A demonstration on the technique that gives you outstanding results so quickly!
  • I introduce various ideas along the way of how to interact with your papers
  • Trouble shooting - what to do when nothing spectacular happens

WEEK TWO (roughly)

  • An introduction of new materials and tools
  • Week two is when all the magic happens as we push the dyeing technique to new levels to create depth using simple items easily sourced
  • I explain about it's highly experimental aspect and why you don't get the same results all the time
  • My collection of items I love to work with and how they lead you down creative paths and delight us with unique results. 


In this class, students get the opportunity to showcase their results. We’ll discuss any hiccups that might have been encountered and I’ll answer any questions that might have arisen during your experiments.


This is an adventurous and fun class where you'll be surprised at how quickly you can create depth in the pages using simple techniques and very basic equipment.


Once you sign up for the class, you'll be eligible to join the closed facebook group - dyed and gone to heaven. It's a place where past students can post photographs of their continued experiments and enjoy connecting with other.


Please note, the reason this has remained a secret is that individuals attend this class for their own interests and have respected my wishes not to blog about it or teach it to others.


If you are from an art institution please let me know so we can discuss. I don't train the trainers at this point, but I am available to teach at your place (within NZ or online).


A class requirement list will be emailed upon registration.



"I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that Liz's "Dyed and Gone to Heaven" techniques helped open the floodgates of my creativity.  The playful process, one rich in experimentation and endless surprises, has allowed me to organically create some of my favorite books - books with texture and cohesion that have sprung forth without my needing to force anything. The dynamic process, resulting in spontaneous art created by my own hands, helps me channel my thoughts and emotions in a way that feels authentic and original to myself.  During the process of making my papers, I am not comparing my work to that of others.  I am no longer getting hung up on an arbitrary expectation that my work needs to say something profound or witty with text.  The colors and shapes do the talking for me, which has changed the way that I approach my work."

Jill Dawson from Vermont, USA


Any questions just email! 

Have a happy and creative day.


ONLINE LIVE CLASS: Dyed and Gone to Heaven 3 week class

  • Please read the write up carefully and ask any questions before booking in. As once you're booked in, there are no refunds or transfers to other classes. 

    If  Book Art Studios has to cancel for any reason, you will be offered a full refund or the choice to transfer to another date.

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