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Does my bum look big in this blog?


A funny thing happened to me recently.

But not really.

Someone asked me if Id enjoyed a particular art event I had recently attended.

What?! How did she know where I'd been??I

The reply?

The (dreaded) facebook page belonging to the gallery.

OH NO. It's like driving past a car crash. You know you shouldn't look, you know it will only lead to tears.... but before you can stop yourself you whip out your nearest device.

A marathon scrolling session starts only to conclude with a horrific finding.

Not ONE but THREE photos of yourself....ahhhhhhh


PHOTO NUMBER TWO: EATING !!!!!!I (There is a reason why the royals never eat on their walkabouts)

PHOTO NUMBER THREE a bum view. (OH now the heading for this blog makes sense . Maybe......)


Currently traumatised.


I am going to rise above it.

Tomorrow is another day and there is always suckie-in-underwear on sale somewhere in the world.

Meanwhile, I am just gonna put on my red shoes and dance.......

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