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Did you miss me?

I needed to do my accounts. I needed to get my online shop ready to open and a bunch of other stuff. So I went away for the weekend and didn't even turn my computer on.

Not once.

I also had no internet connection so there you go. I couldn't have done it all even if I wanted to.

I didn't.

I took a stunning selfie on the way. I was amazed at my own creativity.

I went to a place called the Coromandel. I have been going to a friends Bach (NZ holiday house) since my daughter was 3. Shes 26 now. And not much, I can happily report, has changed in that time.

With the bach not the daughter.

Anyone for tennis?

Twenty minutes down the road (well up the hill to be precise), is the Colville Tennis Club. It actually made me want to play tennis it's so dated and gorgeous. Or at least sit and watch.

And then I arrived at my destination. That sign has been there since the beginning of time.

I don't think the mailbox has though.

The sunsets (with the obligatory glass of wine) take my breath away every, single time.

The Coromandel is known as a hippy kind of place. I just knew the coffee would be good when I got here. It was.

I went on an adventure to Whitianga and just loved the pattern the sun made on these stairs.

I needed, it transpired, not to be doing book work but to be staring aimlessly at life.

Rush hour means something different in the Coromandel. I was very brave and drove alongside the animals WITH THE WINDOW DOWN. I'm the first to admit I'm not a country girl even if I do own a pair of wellies.

And then it was time to leave my little sanctuary and come home to real life.

And the cat.

Who apparently didn't even realise I'd been away. And is refusing to help with the writing of this blog.

So I guess there's no point in asking her if she will do my accounts......

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