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Here are a few of my favourite things (5 to be precise)

I moved into my new studio almost a year ago at the time of writing this blog. I'd told everyone after moving, moving, moving this move would be the best. It was quite possibly, the worst. At one point my belongings were in three different locations due to unexpected delays!

BUT. It turned out to be the BEST decision ever to move into number 11 (on the 11th November 2016).

I adore my studio - it's been a long time coming. At one point, in despair at ever finding the right studio/home space I questioned whether it was time to throw the towel in. "It shouldn't be this hard!" I wailed!! But all along, unbeknown to me, a perfect plan was unfolding and the best studio ever was preparing itself for me.

As I hastily get ready for the second Open Studios Waitakere in this gorgeous studio, let me reflect on five of my favourite items and why. Although, it was really hard to whittle it down to five I can tell you!!!


This little wee stool came with me from the cottage on the cliff. I used to sit on it and look out across the ocean. The gesso transfer print on the top came later, when I did an exhibition to celebrate the end of my forties.


I'm a HUGE fan of Nick Bannocks work.

If you haven't seen any of it you're in for a treat!

I especially love this particular stamp and take

great pleasure in stamping it on anything

formal (such as mail to the tax department!)

ha ha ha.


My blackboard!!! I'm obsessed with blackboards. I would live in a house surrounded by blackboard walls if I didn't curb my obsession. If you're going to visit me for open studios this year - you'll see this one for yourself.


Now this is super duper special.

One time when my parents were visiting from the UK, they'd just arrived when my dad asked if he could borrow a screwdriver. Out of the suitcase came this stunning book press (in pieces) which he quickly assembled. He did all the woodturning and making of it himself. He loves wood as much as I love paper.

I will treasure this forever.


My Brick Wall

What's not to love about a brick wall. The perfect backdrop for so many of my photoshoots and Facebook live presentations.

Oddly, as I was preparing to paint it a year ago, a policeman wandered into my studio. He asked what I was doing. I said I was going to distress the wall. He gave me an odd look. I asked him if he knew what that meant.

He said: "I do not".

I proceeded to explain to him (with roller in hand) what I was about to do.

We had a long conversation about whether I ought to do it, or not. I wasn't sure if I'd be arrested if I did as he was quite against the idea, putting a case forward for a nice red brick wall.

I wonder what he'd think of it now if he saw it!!

That my friends, is a true story.

My studio at Number 11 has already housed parties, numerous meetings, gathering of friends, classes, random visitors in high viz jackets and odd interactions like the one above. OH how I love living at number 11 with the best studio ever.

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