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A recipe for success

We've all heard about the mechanic who drives the worst car, right?

Well, for AGES I kept saying to myself, "I really must make myself a recipe book..."

Finally - I did!!

That's it. THE END.

Ha ha ha ha.

Well, I'm all for a quick read but really...we can do better than that.

What I love about creating my own books is that I can put whatever I want on them - go by my own rules. Which is why I have an image of my tap shoes on the spine of the recipe book (a gesso transfer in case you're wondering).

What I also love about my recipe books and those I create to sell are the blank pages without lines (I'm not a fan of lines). Which means you can stick your own recipes in or those handed down to you.

Don't fancy creating your own? Not that way inclined but would LOVE to get your sticky hands on one? Go here and have a peek at the retro one in my shop.

Want to have a try at making your own? Then lucky for you I have a class on the 7th April in my studio in Glen Eden go here for details.

One last thing, here's a lovely recipe for success that I like to include in my books:

Recipe For Success

An abunance of love A lot of good things to say An ability to care Patience Kindness Method Mix all the ingredients together with care serve as appropriate enjoy.

Now it's the end.

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