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Three creative projects to do this autumn


Create a stack of handmade quotes. This is a fun, low key, do-it-while-you're-watching-the-telly-in-your slippers kind of an activity. Don't be shy, post them to #handmadequotes let's have fun seeing what each other comes up with over autumn. And if it's not autumn in your neck of the woods, you can still join in too!


Have a stamping party. Grab some of your friends, tell them to bring their favourite stamps, stamp pads and scraps of paper and do a swap! This is a great activity to do by the fire (with wine of course!!) not to mention a fantastic way to build up a lovely fresh stash of papers great for collage and in book art projects.


Find a pen pal! Remember those??? I used to have one when I was 12. I was in England and she was in France. It was beyond exciting to get a letter through the post in FRENCH. I loved having to translate it and figure out what she was saying! Even better, find someone who loves mail art and exchange mail art projects. We just don't get enough interesting mail in the post if you ask me!!

I'd love to hear what creative art projects you get up to in autumn!!

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