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Junk and disorderly

Art adventures.....

My sister Jo and I recently went on a bit of an art adventure which took us to junk and disorderly. If you haven't been to this extraordinary treasure trove then you're in for a treat! If you're in Auckland, New Zealand that is!

There''s nothing more satisfying than rummaging through other people's rubbish!!' And rummage we did.

I'm still curious to know whether the skeleton was real or not....

Fondling old stuff...

Whenever i go to this shop to fondle the old stuff (read into that however you like) it reminds me of days gone by when life seemed slower, more steady and not so chaotic and speedy. It also reminds me of my dads workshop at Number 61 - the house where I grew up alongside 6 siblings. If any of us kids needed anything we'd just ask dad who would disappear into the cellar (where his workshop was based) only to return triumphantly with whatever had been asked of him. It was our own personal treasure trove.


For a brief period I did talking telegrams (I couldn't 'sing) and was asked if I could be a chimney sweep at a wedding. So I turned to my prop adviser (dad) and asked: Dad, have you got a chimney sweep brush?"

And you know what? HE DID! ha ha I kid you not!! I dressed up in his old work clothes, rolled around in the coal cellar then went off with the trusty chim-chiminey brush to appear as a good luck charm at the wedding.

Seek and you shall find. Maybe.

Anyway, back to junk and disorderly. I went to the loo while I was there, as I always do. It's like seeking the Holy Grail. There are always new messages to be read on the loo walls............

.....such as this one.

This can be your inspiration for the day.

You're welcome.

P.S I wonder what they scratched out??!

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