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A Trip To The Cemetree

In a slightly random unplanned way, I recently ended up visiting our local cemetery twice in two weeks. The first time for an art adventure (I did say random) and the second time to collect pine cones.

The light was beautiful, the finds delightful and the company on both occasions, utterly playful.

The oddest of discoveries though was a tree with a wok in it. Yes, you read that correctly, a wok. It was quite high up in a tree, so someone had to have made quite an effort to get it up there. There was of course a shoe as well (there's always one shoe wherever I go!) and a pretend flower.

I'm quite intrigued with the wok tree - is it an art installation? A random act of kindness? (to whom I'm not entirely sure), or is it hiding in plain sight? All I want to know is wok is it doing there? [insert groan].

Our theme at book camp this year is collections so I especially loved the collections nature provided with pinecones and mushrooms.

Art was to be found on the ground in the form of stenciled numbers - of course I was drawn to number eleven as that's my house number!

I never feel sad when I'm at the cemetery, just thankful to still be here in this experience called life. I take it as a reminder to get on with things, be playful, be kind, be helpful and cherish my pans and wok.

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