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Mondays with Sh.elf

For those of you who haven’t met Sh.elf he’s my lovely studio assistant whose main job is to help me showcase my work. He’s a rescue shelf found in the bathroom of my new home. So it's fair to say he started out being a little timid and rather unsure of himself. Hardly surprising, given he hadn't been looked after particularly well over the years. When I discovered he was destined for the tip during the renovation process, I could see his potential and what he had to offer so I stepped in.

He’s mainly been in the background ever since we first met almost two years ago, but now after a recent staff appraisal, Sh.elf asked if he could step up and be in the foreground a little more. This is great progress as it tells me his confidence is growing and that’s what I love to see at Book Art Studios.

So we’ve come up with a plan.

Each Monday morning Sh.elf is going to showcase some kind of special offer or deal. Not discounted work as it’s my rule at Book Art Studios never to discount my work - enhance - yes, discount, no. More of a: buy this journal and receive free shipping or buy this kit and receive a free collage pack kind of deal.

I’ve got some idea of what I want but as I like to be playful, experimental and spontaneous it will of course evolve as we go along. I'd love to hear your ideas/feedback/suggestions as always!

This special offer will have a shelf life of 24 hours (unless I sell out before then of course!! ha ha ha). After that, they will return to my online shop as they were before Sh.elf very kindly modelled them.

This social experiment begins on Monday 3rd September and will continue as long as there appears to be some interest!! Or I get bored. Or Sh.elf needs a holiday due to working so hard and it would be shelfish of me to make him work when he clearly needs a break.

In case you've forgotten where my online shop is go here.

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