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I had a dream

I can’t recall the first time I set foot on Piha beach, perhaps it was because I felt so at home.

I’ve always felt settled, safe and grounded at Piha. I’ve walked in the twilight and come across a Fire Poi Twirler who told me she did it for her own self gratification. I’ve walked early morning in tears and thankfully had the beach all to myself. I even went on a blind date there once. I was told the most extraordinarily sad story that almost broke my heart whilst being part of the process of mending someone else’s.

On all my visits to Piha over the years I always visited the furthest end of the beach feeling like I needed the isolation. I wasn’t that I wasn't drawn to Lion Rock I just appreciated it’s beauty from afar.

Then one night I had a dream.

In my dream,

I was in World War One.

I knew this,

because World War Two

hadn’t happened yet.

That was the dream!!

The next morning I had the call to go out to Piha (I can’t really explain it) other than I know it’s a Piha day and I feel compelled to go out and have my soul fix.

When I arrived I was pulled towards Lion Rock. As I walked towards it I knew I was about to have a profound experience.

I wasn’t wrong.

As if pulled along by an invisible thread, I was drawn closer and closer to the part of the rock where there was a plaque.

As I approached it I could see it was dedicated to people who’d been involved in World War One in some capacity i.e: Died in battle, wounded, served at the front.

I began looking for my name knowing I was going to find it.

And there it was, under served at the front: Constable E

This kind of stuff fascinates me, intrigues me, but, never scares me.

And it's always been there in my life. Sometimes on the fringes. And sometimes the messages are so utterly IMAX I just simply can't miss them!

So this blog kind of fits in with this weeks Mondays with Sh.elf. The collection this week is a body of work that comes with messages.

Who for?

No idea.

I just make the stuff!

But you'll know if it's yours.

Each cover has words on that came to me as I created the book.

Now I simply step back and let the owner and the book connect, when it's time.

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